FMQ Lollypop Tree & A Beauty Shot

FMQ Lollypop Tree

I started free-motion quilting my Lollypop Tree quilt.  It has sat for nearly a year while I did Life and thought about how to start.  I had quilted my Christmas Treat, but the spaces there were more wide open with fewer appliqués, so this one was a bit of a challenge, managing the quilt bulk and keeping the density of the stitches evenly spaced.  I still have a few more details to take care of, like stitching around the trunk of the tree and across the leaves where they join the trunk, but after two-and-a-half hours, one block is done.  Look at the tab above if you want to see the entire quilt.

Helpful sights: a Pinterest board with lots of filler ideas, Leah Day’s commentary on filler backgrounds, and multiple videos (not linked).

And I promised you a beauty shot.  Here’s my Sol Lewitt’s Patchwork Primer quilt top, in my outdoor “photo studio.”

Sol Lewitt's Patchwork Primer

I also put this as my home screen on my phone.  It makes me smile.  Hope you are smiling, too, as you enjoy your weekend.

12 thoughts on “FMQ Lollypop Tree & A Beauty Shot

  1. Beautiful quilts! The lollypop tree quilt is going to be a treasure. Love the gingham! It turned out so well. Simple shapes and color combos can make such an impact.

    I went back and read some of your posts – it has been awhile – sorry.

    Love the geese that were raw edge fmq onto the background – genius! And so cool looking.

    I am going to have to join you on the selvage string blocks when life slows down a bit – love the Dilbert cartoon – I have more than a gallon sized bag of selvages and need to do something with them. 🙂

  2. Lollypop Tree is going to be another beauty! I’m curious- do you hand baste event though you machine quilt Elizabeth? I thought I saw stitching around the block on the IG shot you posted the other day? I hand baste when I hand quilt but never when I machine….
    I’m sure your Patchwork Primer does make you smile! I put my favourite block shots on my phone too! are we slightly obsessed? Probably!

  3. Ah, the never-ending Lollipop Tree. Reminds me a bit of the Munchkin Lollypop Song. I love it (the quilt AND the song). The Sol Lewitt quilt is a touch of sunshine, just as the name implies.

    1. hi Carla, I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to post it until Friday, so I pulled it back, but not before it had been mailed out. I shouldn’t do these things when I’m tired! Hopefully it will show up again in the emails, but I don’t know. Anyway, look for it on the blog this coming Friday.


      Elizabeth Eastmond blog: http://www.opquilt.com email: opquilt@gmail.com


  4. Well Elizabeth, your lollipops are turning out wonderfully! Can’t wait to see it completed. Also, your primer glamor shot is great. Yes, it makes me smile also.

  5. I love how the lollipop tree is turning out and your patience – wow! And you’re right – the Sol Lewitt quilt is just happy – and am sure it makes a perfect phone screen. Great job!

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