100 Quilts Index

One-hundred Quilts  (as of July 2012)
Forty of these have been given away; only one is an unfinished top.
The year I finished them is to the left of the name; some have links to where I show them, or have written about them.

11971?My First Quilt
21971Jeremy’s baby quilt (first grandchild in our family)
31973?Clay’s Choice (my first bed-sized quilt)
41975Chad’s baby quilt
51977Matthew’s baby quilt
61979Barbara’s baby quilt
71980?elephant appliqué baby quilt (made in NY–gone forever)
81984Peter’s baby quilt
91984Blue and Cream Log Cabin
101986Sunshine and Shadow (Amish)
111986Amish Double Nine-patch (Texas),
  Various Amish Quilts, Checkerboard, Doll
121986Sampler Quilt in Pink/Green
131988Lavender/Peach twin bed quilt
141988?Little Houses
151992Christmas Wall hanging (houses on hills)
161994Chad’s missionary quilt
171985?Random Baby Quilt (embroidered squares)
181994Happy Valentine’s Day (heart applique)
191995The Blues of Carmel
201995Sixth Anniversary/Nat’l Parks quilt
211995Christmas Quilt Three Wise Men
221996Matthew’s missionary quilt
231997Twined Thread (red and white quilt)
241998Barbara’s college quilt
251998And for the Pansies, Send Me Back A Thought
261998Christmas Advent Calendar
271999Home-keeping Hearts
281999Joy-bells Ring in Heaven’s Street (Good Heart Quilters)
291999Color Study: Night Infolds the Day (colorwash)
302000She Canned: Chaos into Order (bug jars)
312000Every Common Bush Afire (autumn sampler)
322000Zambesi River (made in class w/ Katie Masoput-Pasquini)
332000Milllenial Quilt (top only and donated)
342001BTC’s Christmas Tree Skirt
352001Light in the Crook of Shadows
362001Now Folds the Lily All Her Sweetness Up
372001Elizabeth’s Utility Quilt  (and *here*)
382001Blue Friendship Quilt (Good Heart Quilters)
392001This Quilt Is A Mess, or Venice Floor Gone Bad
402002A Letter (for Chad/Kristen)
412002Talk in Flowers (for David/Barbara)
422002Keagan’s baby quilt
432002Good Sailor, Good Heart (Peter’s college quilt)
442002Christmas Every Day (given to Matthew)
452002Sun, Falling Into Sea (own design)
462002Old Lady’s Northern Lights (fused small)
472002At the Bandstand, Under a Starry Night (finished 2013)
482002?Christmas Nativity Wall hanging
492002?Eastmond-Sessions Family Tree banner
502003Emilee’s baby quilt
512003Consider the Lilies of the Front Yard
522003Heart’s-ease (Ruth McDowell class)
532003Nihondaira (Horton class–Japanese Quilt)
542004Susan Straight’s quilt
552004Alexander’s baby quilt
562004Empty Nest, Full Life
572004Fiat Lux (Zimbabwe Fabric)
582005Flannel Squares on Point
592005Megan’s baby quilt
602005D.C. Dots & Dithers (Judy Hooworth)
612005Winter: Branches (John Flynn pattern)
622006Pink and White Quilt
632006Riley’s baby quilt
642007Oak Leaves Quilt
652007Andrew’s baby quilt
662007Black & White & Caterina All Over
672007Red, White & Blue (Good Heart Quilters)
682007Hearts in the Pines Camp Quilt
692008Madilyn’s baby quilt
702008Mystery Quilt (rides around in the back of my car)
712008Cowgirls Write Letters
722009Sea and Sand (PRA wedding)
732009Steepy Mountains Matthew/Kim bed quilt
742009Brooke’s baby quilt
752009Be of Good Cheer for David & Barbara
762009Daisy Star Quilt (Lakehouse fabric)
772010Danielle’s baby quilt
782010Cara-Cara-Kumquat Orange/Pink Quilt for us
792010Love Dances on the Green
802010Christmas Star
812010Blue Squares (always on end of bed)
822010Cherries (Lakehouse)
832010Earth’s Crammed w/ Fire (Heather’s quilt)
842010Kristen’s Castle Peeps Quilt
852010Crossed Canoes (assisted my sister)
862011Spring/Life’s Alive
872011Munich’s Garden Gate
882011Lyon Carolings (French Fabric Quilt)
892011Southern Brights (for Kim)
902011Come A-Round (dotty circles)
912011All Is Safely Gathered In (Fassett fabrics-own design)
922011Red/White Sampler–table runner
932011Quilt Frolic
942012Be My Valentine   aka Red & White Pinwheel
952012LOVE mini-quilt
9620127 small quilts for grandchildren
972012New Journeys (for Susan)
982012Gingham Mini-quilt
992012Gingham Quilt
1002012Scrappy Stars