Pieced Quilter Ladies & Notions


All these lovely quilty ladies were made for me by members of the Gridsters Bee. We springboarded off the pattern of PieceMaker Lady from the Surfside Quilters Guild, but I updated and revised several of their blocks for my turn in the Bee.

See below for PDF downloads.

Sewing Things

I asked each quilter to make me one of the sewing items that I chose, or any sewing-related block. It was fun to see what was chosen.

PDFs for download are below.

#1 Piecemaker Lady (shown above) (click to download PDF file)
#2 Button

This is from a tutorial from FabricMutt.

#3 Sewing Machine (click to download PDF file)
#4 Topiary Tree
#5 Rotary Cutter
#6 Spools of Thread
#7 Iron
#8 Heart
#9 Tomato Pincushion
#10 Pinwheels

I also prepared a handout of other possible blocks they could make:

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