Online Classes

Listing of Available Class Pages

This page is a listing of my Live Online Class offerings, which is a moderated class done over Zoom.

Typical class schedule
9-10 am: Introduction, technology trouble-shooting, introduction to password-protected pages/content
10-11am: In-depth personalized instruction while students get going into the their sewing.
11-1: Break for lunch, and solo-sewing by students.
1-2:30: Return for late-stage quilt instruction, quilting ideas (if needed), more solo sewing for students.
2:30-3:30 pm: Solo-sewing by students on Zoom. End time can be adjusted to individual Guild needs.
(Note: Start time can be adjusted up to one hour later; break will be shortened to accomodate late-start.)

One Week Later
10-11 am: Follow-up Class to show off your quilts! If you send me a photo beforehand, I will put them into a Show and Share Slide Show which can then be forwarded to your Guild for their Online Guild Meeting.

The links below the photos lead to a password-protected page, available when you sign up for one of my Online Classes through your Guild. At the beginning of class you’ll receive a code to unlock the class page. Pages will remain available until the Follow-Up Class, one week later.

Merrion Square

Merrion Square is a pattern with three versions of quilts: a circle of houses, a grouping of houses with a banner, and a neighborhood of houses.

Illustration of possible quilt

Criss-Cross Quilt

Feel like just doing a whole bunch of sewing, without fussing with tricky patterns? Then this is the class for you! We make sashed four-patches, and slashed diagonals, mixing up the pieces to create a lively quilt.


Working with an unusual block, we combine it in various combinations to create this 60″ square quilt of intense color. Also included is an upcoming pattern release: Triad Harmony (pictures coming in September 2020). This is a smaller quilt (26″ square), again based on a single unusual block.