Online Classes

Listing of Available Class Pages

This page is a listing of my Live Online Class offerings, which is a moderated class done over Zoom. See the information on schedules at the end. I used to offer classes through Guilds, but I am not teaching currently.

The links below the photos lead to a password-protected page, available when you sign up for one of my Online Classes. At the beginning of class you’ll receive a code to unlock the class page. Pages will remain available until the Follow-Up Class, one week later.


Blossom is a quilt based on the Flowering Snowball block with an original border treatment that completes the center petals. This workshop that uses my Blossom pattern, a complete version with three different sizes of blocks and borders that create transparency. It also includes information on how to construct the quilt without the borders.

Merrion Square

Merrion Square is a pattern with three versions of quilts: a circle of houses, a grouping of houses with a banner, and a neighborhood of houses.

Criss-Cross Autumn, 36″ wallhanging
Criss-Cross Color Quilt

Criss-Cross Quilt

Feel like just doing a whole bunch of sewing, without fussing with tricky patterns? Then this is the class for you! We make sashed four-patches, and slashed diagonals, mixing up the pieces to create a lively quilt.

This is the larger version of the quilt; both versions are available in the pattern.

Triad Harmony

Working with an unusual block, we combine it in various combinations to create this small wallhanging of intense color (33″ wide by 29″ high); the larger version of the wallhanging is 55″ x 49.” Please purchase a bit more fabric to make the larger version.

Typical Online Class Schedule
I am exploring having these available as a stand-alone online class.

Typical Guild Class Schedule

Our class will meet together for the first two hours (Synchronous Instruction), where we’ll trouble-shoot technology, get everyone set up to sew and to access the extra portion of this website (it’s password protected). This runs roughly 9-11 a.m. (Pacific Time); all times can be varied to suit the guild’s need.

The next ninety minutes are Asynchronous Learning, which allows students to sew and work at their own pace. It can also be a time for lunch break, but the focus is still on the workshop and its content. It can be a good time to review the class videos, download any class instruction sheets as well. This is roughly 11-12:30 p.m.

We return for more Synchronous Instruction, addressing issues in late-stage instruction, quilting ideas (if needed), and, if a lot of progress has been made, a group discussion where we talk about any challenges in the day’s work. This runs roughly 12:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Then solo-sewing by students on Zoom in the company of their guild friends. This has been quite popular as it allows for social interaction, sort of like a group sewing experiences. This end time block can be adjusted to individual Guild needs, but runs until to 3:30 p.m.

(Note: Start time can be adjusted for East Coast Guilds; the Asynchronous Learning time will be shortened to accommodate late-start.)

One Week Later
10-11 am: Follow-up Class to show off your quilts! If you send me a photo the day before, I will put them into a Show and Share Slide Show which can then be forwarded to your Guild for their Online Guild Meeting. This date can be moved to accomodate your Guild, or eliminated entirely, but truly–it’s a lot of fun to see what people have sewn.