Working on My Stuff


My first issue of Uppercase magazine arrived.  It’s on my nightstand and I can hardly wait.

Center Colors

I also took a trip to Purl Soho-West Coast (in Orange County, California) where I picked up some more solid fabrics for the inner petals on that soon-to-be-renamed Rainbow Petals quilt.  I appliquéd on three of the petals the other night while my husband and I watched the latest Star Trek movie, and added another petal during the our local quilt guild meeting.

Now that Downton Abbey’s over, I need to make time to sew.  Maybe I should rewatch parts of it, so I can get this finished?

7 thoughts on “Working on My Stuff

  1. I love watching Downton Abbey on PBS.org…or you could wait until March 30th and watch Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge! Love the use of the solids. The colors are so deep. 🙂

  2. I have been on a solids kick, too, and your petals are beautiful. I’ve been watching The Paradise in lieu of Downton Abbey. Fun British period drama, with some comedy sprinkled in.

  3. I hear Lark Rise to Candleford is a great series. Did you already watch that one? I want you to find something because I’m looking forward to the growth of your latest project!

  4. How do you feel about March Madness? Lots of watching TV if you like college basketball. I like these colors for the inner petals. That quilt guild looked a little boring but maybe I could not see where the action was.

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