200 Quilts Index

Having finished creating a total of 100 quilts, with about half of them given away, I thought I’d start on my second list of one hundred quilts.

1012012Harvesting The Wind
1022012English Elizabeth (Four-in-Art, Nature, Year #1)
1032013Into the Woods
1042013One Black Leaf (Four-in-Art, Nature, Year #1)
1052013Summer Treat
1062013Sunshine and Shadow
1072013Once There Was a Snowman
1082013Star Mother’s Youngest Child
1092013Chris: Welcome to the Family
1102013Snapshot (Polaroid block quilt)
1112013Christmas Treat
1122013Take Me Back to Italy
1132013Doleket (Four-in-Art, Nature, Year #1)
1142013Spoolin’ Around
1152013Christine’s Philadelphia
1172013Village Faire
1192013Congruence (Four-in-Art, Nature, Year #1)
1202013Charlie’s Quilt
1222013America Is A Tune (it must be sung together)
1232013Pacific Grove Blues
1242013Childhood’s Wide Avenues (Four-in-Art, Urban, Year #2)
1252013Jolly Old St. Nicholas
1262013Silver and Gold
1272014On Line  (Four-in-Art, Urban, Year #2)
1282014Olympic Geese
1292014Tiny Envelopes
1302014Shadow Owes Its Life to Light
1312104Change (Four-in-Art, Urban, Year #2)
1322014Elizabeth’s Lollypop Trees
1332014I’ll Call It What I Want To
1342014Ted and Maurice at Lorinc Pap Ter (Four-in-Art, Urban, Year #2)
1352014Sol LeWitt’s Patchwork Primer
1372014Jazz, Light, Montreal (Four-in-Art, Urban, Year #2)
1382014False Dawn
1392014To Lora, with Love
1402014Colorwheel Blossom
1412014Christmas Tree Skirt
1422015Stopping By Woods (Four-in-Art, Literature, Year #3)
1432015Twin Darts Neonatal Quilt
1442015Flying Star Neonatal Quilt
1452015Pineapples and Crowns
1462015Sing A Song of Sampler Blocks
1472015The Heart’s Solace: Home, Sweet, Home
1482015Rainbow Gardens    (and Rainbow Gardens, redux)
1492015[in Just-] (Four-in-Art, Literature, Year #3)
1502015The Woods Run Mad With Riot (Four-in-Art, Literature, Year #3)
1512015Rolling Rainbow Star
1522015And That Has Made All the Difference (Four-in-Art, Literature, Year #3)
1532015Flying Through a Rainbow
1552015Spooky Action at a Distance
1562016I carried quilt and basket through whispering grass
1572016Starry Compass Rose
1582016Friend or Foe? (Four-in-Art, Color, Year #4)
1602016The Road to a Friend’s House is Never Long
1612016Thread Doodles
1622016Electra Magnetic (Hal’s Mother)
1632016Beauty All Around
1642016Riverside Sawtooth (quilt top)  Riverside Sawtooth (finished
1652016Good Friday (Four-in-Art, Color, Year #4)
1662016Crossroads, after Umaña
1672016Jill in the Pulpit (Four-in-Art, Color, Year #4)
1682016L’Amour recoufortand de Paris
1692016Watermelon Table Runner
1702016Six Ways to Blue (Four-in-Art, Color, Year #4)
1712016Shine: The Circles Quilt
1722016Celebration: Little House Quilt
1732016Illusion of Colors, after Kevin Umaña
1742016Not Waving, But Drowning (using Semaphore Block)
1752016All Hallows Eve Quilt
1762017Christmas Tree Quilt
1772017Magic Stars for Eliza
1782017Shimmery Tunnel of Memories (Four-in-Art, Light, Year #5)
1802017Halfway There (Four-in-Art, Light, Year #5)
1812017Belle Etoile du Jour
1822017Sweet Land of Liberty
1832017Red, White and Blue Star mini quilt (25″)
1842017Riley’s Quilt 
1852017Rose Window (Four-in-Art, Light, Year #5)
1862017Not All That Wanders Is Lost (Traveling Threads Bee)
1872017Mr. Golden Sun Tiny Quilt
1882017Chuck Nohara Quilt Top  • All Are Friends in Heaven
1892017Eclipse (Four-in-Art, Light, Year #5 — Final!)
1902017Autumn Tiny quilt
1912017Christmas Trees Teeny Tiny Quilts
1922018Caitlin’s Baby Quilt — Frivols Quilt 1
1932018Winter Pines
1942018Cinque Terra Tiles (Improv Appliqué)
1962018Windowpane — Frivols Quilt 2
1972018Triple Square — baby quilt
1982018Betty Crocker Takes Up Quilting/Crossroads
1992018Betsy’s Quilt — Frivols Quilt 3
2002018Melting Orange Snowman  Tiny Quilt