Shine: The Circles Quilt

This page is an overview of all the English Paper-Pieced Circles I designed for my Shine: The Circles Quilt, with links to their tutorials. I have made this quilt twice: once in bright colors and once in red, white and blue.

QuiltMania and I had teamed up this past fall to bring you the free patterns, but now they are coming back here, one-by-one. As always, there are links underneath the blocks to the tutorials, but the look of the English Paper Piece patterns will be different in these newer patterns. Click on each link to be taken to the free EPP patterns. As of April 2021, all blocks are back home.

There are many good tips in each of these blocks, so by going through them, you should be able to teach yourself English Paper-Piecing. I also have a few pages of General Instructions available in the pattern for nine extra blocks of circles, as well as a Finishing Pattern, as shown below.

Circles Block EPP #1

Circles Block 1: Swirlygig

EPP Circles #2 Block_finished

Circles Block 2: Sunshine

Circles Block Three EPP

Circles Block 3: Ljubljana

EPP #4 front

Circles Block 4: Provoslavni Park

EPP Circle #5_final block

Circles Block 5: Capella

Circles Block 6: Star of Wonder

Christmas Star Pillow_front1

Christmas Star

Circles Block 7: Whirlygig

Circles Block 8: Slovene Circle

Circles Block 9: Sunflower

Nine Circles

The first nine blocks as a group.

Circles Block Ten_OPQuilt

Circles Block 10: Dresden Plate

Circle Block #11_OPQuilt

Circles Block 11: Vintage Test Pattern

Circles Block 12: Nine-point Compass Rose Pattern

Circles Block 13: Tiny Swirly Gig

Circles Block 14: Peppermint Candy

Circles Block 15_OPQuilt

Circles Block 15: Compass Rose

Circles Block 16: Radiating Compass Rose

Shine_Quilt Top Final800

The original finished quilt can be seen here, in a garden.
The pattern for finishing Shine: The Circles Quilt can be purchased in my shop on PayHip.

In 2020, I added some new blocks, doing them all up in red, white and blue.

Circles Block 17: Summer Day

Available as a Bonus Block on the newly updated Shine Finishing Pattern, available on PayHip.

Circles Block 18: Hip to Be Square

All these last ones are available in the pattern Nine More Blocks from Shine.
Many of the titles are links to construction tips on this website.

Circles Block 19: Compass Star

Circles Block Twenty: Dresden Rosette

Circles Block Twenty-one: Cactus Flower

Circles Block Twenty-two: Double Rosette

INDEX for the Nine More Blocks pattern.

And for some eye candy, here are the first nine blocks, made up in red, white and blue. Have fun with your English Paper Piecing! For another flavor, look at Linda’s Christmasy Shine blocks (one is below).