Shine: The Circles Quilt-EPP

Circles EPP ButtonThis page is an overview of all the English Paper-Pieced Circles I designed for my Shine: The Circles Quilt, with links to their tutorials.  I started making these because I was bored with all the EPP blocks I’d done, and I wanted something new.
(Never underestimate the power of boredom in moving us forward creatively.)

(Note from the 2020 Elizabeth: Happily, QuiltMania and I have teamed up to continue bringing you the free patterns.  See their blog, or this blog post, for more information.)

Circles Block EPP #1

Circles Block #1: Can I Do This? Yes I Can!

EPP Circles #2 Block_finished

Circles Block #2: Sunshine

Circles Block Three EPP

Circles Block #3 Ljubljana

EPP #4 front

Circles Block #4 Provoslavni Park

EPP Circle #5_final block

Circles Block #5: Capella

Circles Block _6finalCircles Block #6: Star of Wonder

Christmas Star Pillow_front1

Christmas Star

Circles Block 7 Circles Block #7: Whirlygig

Circles Block 8_OPQuilt1Circles Block #8: Slovene Circle

EPP Circles Block 9_OPQuiltCircles Block #9: Sunflower

Nine Circles

The first nine blocks as a group.

Circles Block Ten_OPQuilt

Circles Block #10: Dresden Plate

Circle Block #11_OPQuilt

Circles Block #11: Vintage Test Pattern

Circle Block #12_OPQuilt

Circles Block #12: Nine-point Compass Rose Pattern

Circles Block 13

Circles Block #13: Tiny Swirly Gig

Circle Block 14_OPQuilt

Circles Block #14: Peppermint Candy

Circles Block 15_OPQuilt

Circles Block #15: Compass Rose

circles-16_opquilt_markedCircles Block #16: Radiating Compass Rose

Shine_Quilt Top Final800

The finished quilt can be seen here, in a garden.
The pattern for finishing Shine: The Circles Quilt can be purchased in my shop on PayHip.