Bee Happy Tutorial Sheets

Here are all the materials/tips sheets that I compiled while working on the Bee Happy quilt, designed by Lori Holt.

She sets us up with a couple of weeks of advice and pre-construction: Information, Intro to her Guide, several different blocks, and finally, Week One. She lists the weeks one by one in the sidebar of her blog. I used her photos, her measurements, but all these do is straighten them out a bit so you can find the information easily.

Last note: I don’t use her method of appliqué, with sewing it to non-woven background. I use the traditional needle-turn method as I didn’t like the bulk.

I chose to make my hexie flowers the traditional way, by using 1″ hexie papers and then sewing the flower to the background block.
The original called for a row of pennant flags just above the hens, but I went with quarter-square triangles. Directions are in the handout for Week Six.

On Week Nine, I just couldn’t face doing the pin cushion, so I substituted in the zinnia block; the handout has the pattern.

On my way to Week Ten, I kept glancing at those cupcakes, with those fancy cherries on top, and decided they’d look better one-at-a-time. I substituted in a pinwheel block.

I am about to start finishing up the quilt with the three borders: inner, then the middle hexie/honeycomb border, and then the outer border, but I did make a worksheet to get me organized and started. Most of the instructions are on Lori Holt’s blog Week Eleven, because — as usual — what I’ve done here is only to be a help in making the Bee Happy quilt, and my intention is not to steal or replace all her hard work.