Past Endeavors

Quilt Header Past Endeavors

Look under this tab for big projects that took up more than a year of my quilting life.  This includes:

  • SHINE: The Circles Quilt  Most of these free block patterns will be presented on QuiltMania’s blog in 2020, but will return in November of 2020; the patterns will be available on PayHip in a cleaned-up and condensed format.
  • Elizabeth’s Lollypop Trees Quilt
  • Quilt-A-Longs such as the Halloween Quilt and Oh! Christmas Tree
  • Quilt Abecedary is where I made an alphabet out of fabric, then put up a blog so you could make a wonky alphabet, too
  • Tiny Quilts–little ones that can be slipped onto a dimestore stand-up acrylic frame and can be changed out with the season.  These are perfect for gifts.