Elizabeth’s Lollypop Trees, final

Lollypop Trees Quilt_final Front

Elizabeth’s Lollypop Trees
began May 2011 • finished April 2014

Lollypop Trees Quilt_final BackA Kaffee Fassett Lotus Blossom print for the back, and I am finally done.  I know you’ve seen an overabundance of photos of this quilt, so this is just a simple, abbreviated post to say I’m finished.  (Or should I say: I’m FINISHED!!!)

Lollypop All Quilted

Lollypop Tree 1Some time ago, my granddaughter Keagan saw my blocks up on my design wall, and quietly made a picture for me of what she saw. (I think it’s the block in the lower righthand corner of the quilt.)  I love it, so I put it on the label.

Lollypop Trees Quilt_labelQuilt #132 on my 200 Quilts list
73″ square

This blog software has an excellent search engine box.  If you want to see details about this quilt, type “Lollypop Trees” in the search box to the right, and you’ll get more posts than you know what to do with.  If you have specific questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.  Thank you to all who cheered me on and kept me going, in spite of days of wondering if I’d ever finish.  It’s very satisfying to see that quilt, to run my fingers over the quilting, and to know that I did it.

That’s three finishes in two weeks.  Now to grade research papers until my brains fall out and my fingers fall off.

Counting Down

 But look!  Only four more days of teaching in this semester!

27 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Lollypop Trees, final

  1. Your quilt is a true tour de force, and your granddaughter is clearly a very talented girl. I love her art work and think you should be having her design fabrics for us!

  2. It’s a gorgeous finish, Elizabeth! You have every right to be proud of this accomplishment. I like that you were honest to say when you started it. I’m sure you didn’t spend ALL those months on this piece, but it’s a good feeling to know it’s a finished project. And the label is very special. How sweet that you included your granddaughter’s art in it. The whole quilt is so nicely done. I’m happy for you to have something this pretty quilt to feel proud of. Now you can feel good too that some of your scraps are going into another Kaffe piece. I can’t wait to dig in! Thank you!

  3. It is gorgeous. I thought it was a work of art until I got to the quilt label. Oh my. Now it’s a precious work of art.

  4. A beautiful, beautiful quilt. When I first saw it on your blog I immediately had to search out the pattern and the kit. I would love to make it myself, but I have bad arthritis in my hands, and this is a quilt that really deserves hand applique. Still, with every post of yours, I have had to go back to the shop and look at the pattern and kit. It is an absolutely amazing piece of work. You should be very proud.

  5. Every time you post this quilt, I fall in love with it again! And to see it bound and with that very special label, well, I’m just in awe. Love the backing, the binding – it is just stunning! So, is this maybe your “quilt of a lifetime”?

  6. WaHoo!!!! Way to go Elizabeth. Yesterday I was at a quilt show where there were two Lollypop quilts and I can honestly say neither was as beautiful as yours. It was the first time I had seen one in person and of course loved all the Kaffe fabrics. Found myself thinking this one might just be on my bucket list and yet know myself well enough that I will never actually do it. Therefore . . . I admire your courage and motivation to start it, to stick with it and to FINISH it. I am so impressed. It is so beautiful. And the label so very perfect and sweet.

  7. Two major finishes. Way to go! It was fun to see this one come together over the years. I’ve even started to like Kaffe Fabrics….

  8. I absolutely love this quilt, and I aspire to make a similar one, someday, when my skills are up to it! I hope you will occasionally revisit Lollypop Trees here on the blog, as I will never tire of seeing it.

  9. This is simply stunning! I know–having actually seen it in person. 🙂 And the label is such a sweet detail.

  10. I’d be shouting from the (Lollypop) tree tops if I ever made this beauty and finished it with such sweet details! Congratulations Elizabeth! It is indeed gorgeous!

  11. This is one of my favorites of the quilts you’ve made since I’ve known you. Lucky Keagan to be immortalized on its label!

  12. Congratulations – big effort and amazing result – I especially love the incorporation of the cute drawing – very nice work

  13. I sure hope that you framed that little masterpiece that your grand daughter painted! This is such an exceptional quilt. Congrats of such a BIG finish!

  14. Congratulations on a fabulous finish, Elizabeth. It is a beautiful quilt and very fun to look at. I think the quilting works very well with the applique, not too much but it doesn’t disappear, either. Well done all the way around!

  15. I never tire seeing pictures of this quilt! It has been so much fun to follow along. Truly, I’m kind of sad to see you finish…I enjoyed the journey!

  16. Elizabeth, I can’t imagine the sense of accomplishment you must be feeling right now. This Lollypop quilt is truly fantastic!!! Everything about your quilt is incredible…the gorgeous Kaffe prints, your workmanship, the fact that you quilted it yourself (and beautifully too!), and oh my gosh, your granddaughter’s artwork on the label. Congratulations on this fabulous finish!

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