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Far Away Doors • Quilt Finish


Doors opening, closing on us
by Marge Piercy

Maybe there is more of the magical
in the idea of a door than in the door
itself. It’s always a matter of going
through into something else. But

while some doors lead to cathedrals
arching up overhead like stormy skies
and some to sumptuous auditoriums
and some to caves of nuclear monsters

most just yield a bathroom or a closet.
Still, the image of a door is liminal,
passing from one place into another
one state to the other, boundaries

and promises and threats. Inside
to outside, light into dark, dark into
light, cold into warm, known into
strange, safe into terror, wind

into stillness, silence into noise
or music. We slice our life into
segments by rituals, each a door
to a presumed new phase. We see

ourselves progressing from room
to room perhaps dragging our toys
along until the last door opens
and we pass at last into was.


Far Away Doors
Quilt No. 216 • 49 1/2″ wide by 43 1/2″ tall
Some blocks sent to me by the Gridsters Bee


I originally named it “Home-keeping Hearts” but that was just its milk name as it had just been born and I was in a cheezy mood of  Hearts and Deep Meanings and All That.  Marge Piercy said it best about doors, even quilty ones inspired by far away doors from Dublin, Ireland:

“the image of a door is liminal, / passing from one place into another / one state to the other, boundaries // and promises and threats. Inside / to outside, light into dark, dark into / light, cold into warm, known into / strange, safe into terror, wind // into stillness, silence into noise / or music.”

The photograph on the truck?  It went like this: on our way to get some Vietnamese bùn châ for lunch, we trekked down to our newest neighbors’ home to ask if we could please pose the quilt on their cool car, and so I knocked on their door and it opened to a crying baby in the other room and a smiling baby in his father’s arms and good-natured parents, owners of a new-to-them truck and the mother’s name was Genesis and the father’s name was Nate and we introduced ourselves and they said yes, of course, and then they headed back inside because it was about a hundred degrees outside, as they smiled and waved and shut the door behind them, the  lovely music of a home with a young family and a Ford Ranger just made for quilt posing.


And so, this variation of Merrion Square is finished.  I pass out the how-to sheet as a freebie when people take my Merrion Square classes, so hopefully you’ll be in one soon.  Check my schedule to see if there’s a workshop near you.

Far Away Doors_LABEL

And finally, many thanks to all who entered the giveaway for the ruler.  The winner has been notified by email and I’ll get the ruler off to her this week.  I am leaving the post up because there are so many great responses to my question.  You are all a significantly talented and experienced group of quilters — thank you for your ruler advice!


14 thoughts on “Far Away Doors • Quilt Finish

  1. Another wonderful quilt finish Elizabeth! I love the colourful border and my, the last few words of the poem “…..as we pass at last into was”. Beautiful

  2. It really turned out beautifully. I had fun finding my “doors” amongst all of those beauties. The photo shoot on the old truck is perfect too. Fantastic finish!

  3. There are so many things that make your blog enjoyable! The naming of quilts based on your trip of inspiration, the inclusion of a poem or other literary source, the unique and absolutely perfect photo locations and, of course, the beautiful quilts held by the best assistant ever! I am now the impatient quilter as I add Merrion Square to my every growing list of must do projects. Thank you! 🙂

  4. I agree with Elin, there are so many lovely features combined in your posts.

    Also, I just love this quilt and the feelings of warm and happy community that it evokes, something we all need right now.

    And the quilting on the border!! Outlining all those flowers! Gorgeous!

  5. I love how you often tie poetry into your quilts. It makes everything so much more meaningful. You have a way with this that I truly appreciate. This poem is just beautiful, as is Far Away Doors. So colorful and inviting.

  6. Another fantastic finish! And I love visiting with my block! The “milk name” thing was so interesting. When James was born, they threatened me with not letting us go home without naming him. I felt like I had to get used to them a little bit before I knew what fit. Somehow what we chose fits them perfectly! (Cannot imagine Hayley as Gabriella which is what we went into the hospital with. Then she popped out and I was like, oh wait, she’s Hayley. ) XO

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