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Zooming is now possible all over the nation, and we can adjust timing to suit your particular time zone. I have four online classes, and currently one program (see below). Contact me to schedule one for your Guild by email at opquilt using a gmail.com suffix.  

•  Abecedary of Quiltsa series of stories about quilts, the people who quilt, and how quilting touches our lives.  More than just a “I-sewed-this-square-to-this-triangle,” I tell about how quilting reflects our lives, how quilts carry stories and memories and years of our lives.  At the end I talk about the Power of Quilting, nine impactful ways we are affected by, and affect others, with our creative work.

Since I’ve been quilting for several decades, I have mastered a raft of skills: appliqué, embroidery, wool work, piecing, designing, free-motion quilting, mid-size machine quilting, hand-stitching, English Paper-Piecing, modern quilting, and paper piecing.  In other words, I have a multi-skill approach to quilts.

•  Exploration Through Modern, Art and Traditional QuiltsWhile we can all give our own definition of modern or even traditional or art, it may vary from one quilter to the next. Modern is always pushing at Traditional’s back, but what are the driving forces behind these changes? But in this lecture I ask: why categorize quilts at all? We look at examples from around the world and explore how a basic block can move between categories.

I present only on the Zoom platform.

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What a great experience it was Zooming with Guilds in 2020 and 2021. They quickly adapted to the realities of our online life. A listing of all previous events, plus any currently scheduled programs is found here.

Write to me directly for more information about scheduling: opquilt@gmail.com.

The listing of Online Classes I Teach is found here. I teach and present only on the Zoom Platform.