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Home-Keeping Hearts

Home-keeping Hearts

Home-keeping Hearts, top only
44 1/2″ wide x 51″ tall

I finished my most recent Merrion Square variation, a grouping of houses made by friends and Gridster beemates, plus a few more from my own workshop.  This would be a terrific signature quilt for an out-going president, or a friend who is moving away, with everyone signing their names on the doors.

I call it Home-keeping Hearts, taken from a verse by Longfellow:

Stay, stay at home, my heart and rest;
Home-keeping hearts are happiest,
For those that wander they know not where
Are full of trouble and full of care;
To stay at home is best.

Merrion Square Pattern_opquilt_illustration

To make this quilt, use the basic home unit from my Merrion Square pattern.  I originally had all my beemates put the lower sidewalks/treetrunks piece on, but when I was assembling them, I could see that only the lower row needed them, so I removed the others.

I originally tried out some dark 4″ borders, you know–to frame the piece, but when I held up the yellow-green floral from Kaffe Fassett, it just seemed to be the whimsical field of flowers I needed for my houses.  I did do an inner border of 3/4″ inch, as I love this print (it is in several of the houses I made).

Of course, it’s not finished yet…not quilted or bound.  I’m just about at Week 9 of rotator-cuff recovery, and using my quilting machine is a good three months down the road.  But that gives me lots of time to think about how I’ll quilt it up.  Thanks to all my beemates and friends who made and sent houses.  I think this is the fastest I’ve made up a bee quilt, ever!


Continuing on:

Design Wall

Somedays it’s fun to just look at my design wall, even though a lot of it is “in-process.”  I put my house blocks up there as they came in from all over the world.

Mind Internet Sign

Saw this recently in my Instagram browsing.

March 2019 Gridster Block

I finished up my Gridster Bee blocks for Marsha.  She’d asked for blocks that resemble a circle of geese, but instead, they meander; the pattern is a free download.  You can find all our blocks on Instagram at #gridsterbee.  We’re going on our third year, and have a wide range of blocks up there, if you need ideas for a Block Lotto, or something fun for your next quilt.

What kept me absorbed throughout all this stitching?  Jane Harper’s novels. I finished up The Lost Man, and can highly recommend it.  I’m in the middle of the The Dry; I’ll let you know how that turns out.


12 thoughts on “Home-Keeping Hearts

  1. I’m so happy for you to have finished this quilt top! You’ve got a great design there, and it works for all the right reasons. I’m only sorry you can’t keep going to quilt it, for now. That’s gotta be frustrating, to not be able to quilt when you have such a lovely machine for it. But you’re definitely making good use of piecing time. Got a giggle from the “my mind is like…” Funny because it’s true! And how ironic that you’d mention a couple books you’ve read/are reading. I just blogged with a book recommendation too! I always keep track of book titles to read. Unfortunately, Jane Harper titles don’t appear on either of my audiobook apps: Axis 360 or Hoopla. Perhaps it’s because she’s an Australian author. I’ll keep her on my list though.

  2. I think I love this quilt more because of its name and where it came from- absolutely perfect! The heart design certainly stands out more without the rows of trees. The floral borders go so well with all the yellow doors! They positively glow! Fingers crossed the next three months go quickly and you will soon be machine quilting again!

  3. What a sweet quilt. And I love the skinny blue first border – it gives a cohesive kiss of color to the wall hanging. Can’t imagine dealing with rotator cuff surgery. I’m feeling wimpy in week two of a head cold! And I loved the internet browser reference. 💜

  4. I love the poem by Longfellow. It speaks to me this week as our youngest daughter prepares to move out of the house and closer to a new job 60 miles away. It is bittersweet. We are very excited for her but sad to see her go. She is the last one to go. Her wedding is in October and that is when my heart was planning to let go. Oh the twists and turns and bumps of life. Yes, I will stay at home for when they return. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and meaningful quilt.

  5. You were seriously quick in finishing up your bee blocks. They look fantastic. I love your border fabric. I noticed the missing bottom pieces, but I can see why you removed them.

  6. These are some of my favorite blocks. And I love the name inspiration–I have become more and more of a homebody. Thanks for letting me contribute. 🙂

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