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Bee Blocks, Etc. * March and April *

Bee Blocks, yes.  But first:

Dream Big Bag_2

I recently asked Lisa to make me a tote bag out of a Dream Big panel by Hoffman.  I ordered everything, and the bag turned out to be a good size, one that could hold a queen sized quilt, perfect for taking along binding projects. Dream Big Bag_1

I chose a summery floral for the inside (I like bright colors inside my purses/bags, so I can find things).

Dream Big Bag

Beauty shot in the flowers by the front door.  Thank you Lisa, I love it!

March_2019 Gridsters

Now, here are my bee blocks for the Gridster Bee. Here are March’s blocks, requested by Marsha @quilterinmotion on Instagram.  We used this pattern, and it worked up quickly.

March_2019a Gridsters

If you decide to make these, I’d suggest switching up the order–put #9 on first, then #8.  It’s a sturdier constuction that way.

March_2019b Gridsters.png

But here’s the cool thing: her center will be four “straight” Flying Geese blocks, with our curvy ones being added to it, for lots of motion in her quilt.

April 2019_Gridsters Bee

Nancy who blogs at Patchwork Breeze, and is on Instagram @patchworkbreeze, asked for a patriotic block for a summer quilt.  I guess it’s not too early to get started on the  red, white, and blue, a good reminder to work ahead of the seasons and celebrations (anyone for Halloween quilts?  Christmas?).

Finally, I decided to tally up what I accomplished last year, in terms of completed quilts.  If you remember (or are hoping to forget), it was the Year of Frivols.  So here’s the totals:

• Twelve Frivols
• Three Mini-quilts
• One Baby quilt
• One Small quilt
• Two large quilts
• One large quilt that will show up in Fall 2019 Simpy Moderne

Number Twenty

And for 2019? It’s hard right now because while I can sew the tops, I can’t quilt them myself.  Quilts are only being finished when I can send them out.  But here’s the list of projects so far:

•  Plitvice (finished)
•  Chuck Nohara quilt (binding being sewn on as we speak)
• Nameless other large quilt, being kept under wraps/headed for publication
• Home-keeping Hearts (top only at this point)
• Merrion Square–there are three of these small quilt tops in circulation, and are samples at guilds where I’ll be speaking
• Basket quilt is still on the design wall, as I audition borders.

When I finish them, I’ll catalogue them, above, on the 300 Quilts list.

Speaking Teaching Events
Meet the Teacher for the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds
Utah Valley Quilt Guild, Utah–Trunk Show and Day-long workshop
Valley of the Mist Quilt Guild, Temecula, CA–Trunk Show and Day-long workshop

If you are in Utah, they still have a couple of openings for the workshop on April 16th.  If you are new to this blog (welcome!), you can meet me digitally in my Happy New Year post.

I leave you with a few shots of our California Superbloom.  Happy Spring!


11 thoughts on “Bee Blocks, Etc. * March and April *

  1. That bag is quite spectacular! Fun bee blocks. Two summers ago my goal was to catalog my quilts. Didn’t happen. Maybe this year…

  2. I LOVE that bag and the lining is perfect with the panel. It’s a good idea to keep track of your quilt production. Your Superbloom photos are glorious. It’s been such a good year for the hillside and garden growth.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes colorful purse interiors. I also have to have a bright wallet. I learned that lesson the hard way when I left my black wallet at the bank in Lakewood then drove out to Palm Springs for a conference. Of course we put our group’s rooms under my name but without my ID, we couldn’t check in. I drove all the way back to Lakewood and got there just in the nick of time. Never again!

  4. What a fun post to read with all you have been doing. Wish I could see all your in-progress quilts because they sound so interesting; but I will wait. I, too, found that switching the piecing order of 8 and 9 in the wonky geese blocks worked better for stability. And, I wish I had started a log of my quilts for this year (it may not be too late)!

  5. Thanks for sharing the poppy photos, it is truly a natural wonder.
    You have a lot of project going on. And the bag is gorgeous, I shall definitely visit Lisas site! Shall check the tip with fpp flying geese block, I am also working at the moment with this pattern!

  6. I sure like that bag. The Dream Big panel is popular right now, isn’t it? So nice to have someone else quilt and make it, and to have such a nice size for toting quilts. Perfect! You’ve managed to accomplish a lot in the past year, and this year already, in spite of shoulder surgeries. You sure keep right after things, don’t you? And three upcoming speaking/teaching engagements! Wow. Good for you. I have only two. Ha, ha, ha. Did you take those photos of the blooms and hills? They’re gorgeous! I had no idea your part of California had so much color. Wow!

  7. I guess your beautiful new bag will be on show at your upcoming appearances! Its great for all your essentials, and quilts too!

  8. I just wanted to say that the “start” of my Flying Geese will most likrly not be the “center” of my quilt. Who know where it will be?!

    I admire your bag. Lisa did a marvelous job constructing it. Don’t lug too much stuff in it. Bad for shoulders.

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