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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Happy New Year 2019

That saying in the title is Welsh for Happy New Year, and one custom is that the children in old Welsh villages would “rush around the village visiting as many houses as possible to collect sweets and money. The visits had to be made before midday, so it was often a race against the clock!”  The gifts were called calennig, and often referred to a skewered apple that the children would carry around.

I have no gifts for you, other than myself.  But then you aren’t rushing around knocking on my door, either.

I have some new readers, and thought I’d re-introduce myself at this time of Happy Old Year Ending • Happy New Year.  (I first learned to say Happy Old Year ending from a well-traveled friend, who said it was from somewhere on the African continent, and although I’ve never been able to corroborate that, I still like the idea of being happy with an ending.)

I’m Elizabeth Eastmond and I am the sole writer of this blog.

I first began writing in 2007, sliding quilty posts in amongst my then regular blog, OccasionalPiece, which at this point, is resting (it’s been resting for several years).  The blog name, OccasionalPiece, morphed into OccasionalPiece~Quilt, then I dropped the tilde (~).  When I started trying to find a web address, I shortened it even further to OPQuilt, because who wants to try and spell Occasional or Piece?

Piece originated not in the term “piecing” but from the fact that at the time I started writing online, I was in Graduate School, getting my degree in Creative Writing.  We called our writings “pieces” as in a “short story piece” or “a piece of my novel.”  In my mind it expanded to include my cloth piecings, and any slice of my life–so that’s why you’ll see some travel, some family, current events, cooking, and yes, an occasional piece of writing.  Oh, and art.  We’ve got to have art!

NYC11_18_12c highline
Sculpture on the High Line; the birds perched there, but they are not a part of this piece of art

I keep a listing of my quilts–or as we say in Creative Writing, a catalogue of the body of my work–up above on 100 Quilts, 200 Quilts, and am starting on the 300 Quilts list.  Everything is linked, but not illustrated, and I’m sorry about that.  I would like to have a listing of photos, but that’s in my Someday category.

While it’s traditional on this week to do a year-end round-up of Quilts I’ve Made or lists of Hope I Finish These This Year, and while I love other people’s inventory, this year I found my own lists and write-ups pretty boring (really, can we stand one more look at Frivols?) except, perhaps, for the lovely one below, gifted at a new baby shower:

Deneese baby quilt

Personal stats: I have four lovely and clever children, eleven brilliant and handsome grandchildren, a perfectly amazing and wonderful husband. Our last family photo, since we are scatterered over four states was two years ago, and one was missing even then.  I like the word lovely and use it a lot. I’ve been divorced, remarried, had two major surgeries, a scattering of small ones, but consider myself healthy, and try always to follow my grandmother’s advice to keep my whines to myself, with the caveat that if something interrupts the output of quilting, I might put it up on this blog.  I make mistakes.  I cherish my faith and crave harmony.  I love going to quilt shows.  I like to sing, mostly to the stuff coming in off my playlist.  I am not totally in love with Smart Technology (still having fights with our new Christmas gift: “Siri, why are you singing in the middle of the night?”), but adore my mobile phone and its capabilities. I like to laugh, have a fairly honed capacity for snark, and cry in tender and emotional scenes in movies. In short, I am like you.  I am not like you.  But I hope to count myself as someone who writes something that you’d like to read.

But generally, this blog is about quilts.  Quilting.  Our quilting world.  Things that pertain to it.  It might be about a quilting personality, or quilting commerce.  It is not a newsletter.  It’s my calennig, my gift to you.

Happy Reading.

Happy New Year!

24 thoughts on “Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

  1. godt nytår! Which is Happy New Year in Danish. My family’s heritage. No I do not speak it. Best wishes to you in the New Year! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for your Welsh New Year’s saying. Always thought I was Irish but it turns out my family was originally from Wales. I love your blog! Don’t ever stop! Have a wonderful New Year and blessings to you and yours!

  3. Well done, Elizabeth. Farewell to 2018. I welcome 2019 and all the adventures ahead for us. I hope to be up to the challenges it will have. May you have a wonderful year ahead.

  4. Thank you for reintroducing yourself. I’ve been following your blog for several years. You’re one of my favorite quilter bloggers, quite prolific and your quilts are beautiful. I was so disappointed in myself when I learned from your blog you were the speaker at Valley Modern Quilt Guild a couple of months ago. I’d been dragging my feet to become a member, and have since joined that group that’s so near my home. Thank you for continuing to inspire me.
    P.S. Are you showing any quilts at Road 2 CA next month?

  5. I started following you this past year so it was really great to learn a bit more about you. Happy old year ending( love that) and Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year dear friend! One of the things I am most thankful for – in any year – is that you write this wonderful blog and that we met. You are always a ray of sunshine! Here’s hoping and praying 2019 brings good things to all.

  7. This is so lovely Elizabeth, younger sister. Your words bring tears and joy. I treasure the descriptions of many quilts, knowing your determination to do your best. May 2019 treat you well! ❤️

  8. This is a gift. So well crafted and lovingly expressed. If only we could each write such an essay about ourselves with so much insight. Happy New Year 2019! Love, Sister Sue

  9. Lovely! 🙂 Yes, it’s one of the words I use a lot, too. We do have a lot in common, as you say, as well as a lot different. Perhaps this year, Elizabeth, we can collaborate on a project. I still have nothing in particular in mind, though a two-way round robin would be fun for me.

    Thank you for the gift and the good wishes. Here’s to a happy, healthy year.

  10. I like the word ‘lovely’. I think using it shows an ability to appreciate the qualities of things, but also a determination to be pleased with them, which are nice qualities to have 🙂 Keep on doing what you do. Happy New Year!

  11. Your creative writing talent just shines when you write your blog posts. I wish I was half as clever, as you! Have a wonderful and blessed 2019!

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