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Anne of Springleaf Studios recently wrote to me, including a photo of her poppy quilt:

Anne is an amazing colorist; seeing her quilts is always a treat, as they are rich in color and perfect in value. She wrote that she enlarged my Poppies pattern a bit, and added circles for the centers. I love her version, and it made me think of the first version of this quilt (patterns are free and downloadable; see below).

From ages ago, this was the first iteration. My distantly related niece knew I was a quilter and wanted to make a quilt for her mother, who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer; they wanted poppies. I drew it up, heard that she finished it, but it wasn’t until much later that I was able to get a photo of it for my archive. (I wrote about the process earlier on this blog.)

This is a more traditional poppy block, with the red petals and the black center, but I’m in totally in love with Anne’s version. Hmmmm, I think I’ll have to add that to the list. I also have a lot of Kaffe prints and need to use them up.

The first freebie Poppies pattern was written in 2017; this week I re-wrote the pattern, and included the more traditional setting which is over in my PayHip shop. I’m happy to share with you.

(Fabric companies picked up my pattern for Remembrance Day, 11 November)

Another way I share is by not having advertising on this blog. As some of your know, we’ve been re-doing our kitchen, We thought about it about a decade ago, then more earnestly in 2020 (haha!) and this year the time had finally arrived for us to update. The other night I was trying to figure out how to use our new Breville Smart Oven to cook some potatoes and I jumped online. It was like jumping into a pool of advertising, swimming upstream looking for the content/recipe/can I use the convection? So the only money that comes to me now is through the patterns; this is just a choice I made. Maybe I’m crazy (possibly–to do a kitchen remodel might be proof), but I very much like writing and visiting with those who find this blog.

Here are some more poppies — this time in California Poppy orange — a welcome visitor in March.

I mentioned that my friend Judy passed away mid-February and her memorial open house was March 17th. While cleaning out, her daughter found a completed batik quilt and backing and wondered if I could help her get it finished for her father? I contacted Jen of Sew-Mazing Quilting and she turned it around in no time flat. I got it bound (we took off the last border and used that for the binding — no one will ever miss it), and delivered it to them on March 16th.

I’m sure all the guys in the kitchen tearing out my kitchen cabinets wondered what in heavens name we were doing.

Hmmmm…the usual. Quilting!

The Poppies Pattern is found in my Pattern Shop.

11 thoughts on “Poppies!

  1. While I am totally overwhelmed and committed to finishing my UFOs, I did save your poppy pattern. I actually printed it and put it in my “Squirrel” binder. When something really gets my attention, I put it there so I can remember what I left behind and decide what I want to make when I get caught up. I have close to 50 in various stages. I have logged them in a quilt planner book with pictures so I know what my plans are. LOL I’ll get around to it.

  2. Anne’s quilt is stunning. Like you, I am always inspired by her colors and designs. The red in your poppies really make them pop….such a fun pattern! Judy’s quilt is lovely and will be such a treasure for her family.

  3. Thank you for the pattern-I love poppies and remember seeing the in bloom on a long-ago trip to California.

  4. Elizabeth, As usual inspiring and welcoming. Thank you for always inspiring me in some way on Sunday morning. Be well!

  5. Anne has such a beautiful eye for color and her version of Poppies is stunning. And what a treat to have the quilt finished and ready to gift back to the family so quickly. Your solution of using the final border for the binding was smart – looking at the finished quilt it looks to have been very similar to the border before it. How much longer is the kitchen renovation expected to take?

  6. Another lovely pattern! I’m going to try not to add it to my list, though…you know that story! And good luck with the kitchen remodel–yikes! I’m hoping the current kitchen lasts as long as I do!!!

  7. How generous of you Elizabeth to finish Judy’s quilt for her husband. I am sure it will bring him much comfort as he navigates this time….. The Poppies is a lovely pattern and Anne’s version is gorgeous! The dark navy bows and squares give great depth to the design. And the poppies hanging out on the border is so clever.

  8. It always amazes me how black or navy can completely change the look of a quilt. This poppy quilt is fabulous , I bet it is such a treat for you when one of your wonderful patterns is used in such a creative way.
    I bet the quilt you finished for Judy’s husband will mean the world to him; your friendship continues on.
    Continued good luck on the renovation and by the way, thanks so much for no adds!. Your generosity that you share in so many ways is so greatly appreciated!

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my quilt and my use of color. As you know, I love love love color but I don’t always get the value thing right. I’m calling this one Poppy Parade and will be picking it up from my longarmer this week. Hoping to get it bound and take photos this spring when the poppies bloom. You did a nice job finishing the batik quilt for your friends daughter. I like the touches of purple sprinkled throughout. Hope your remodel is going smoothly. Seems like there are often hick-ups along the way with those types of projects. We certainly had a few but in the end it’s always been worth it. Hang in there.

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