Happy Old Year Ending (Wrap-up)

Happy Old Year Ending 2019

I am a firm believer in making lists.  There are Best Seller Lists, To-Do Lists, Grocery Lists, Honey-Do Lists, in short, lists for everything.  A grand event in my world is making a list of tasks, then whipping out my yellow marker to cross them off when completed.  I even have lists of lists, and many of them are in my calendar

Quilts 2019 Conglomerate.jpg

2019 ListQuilts.jpg
This is my list of what I accomplished in 2020, quilt-wise.  We won’t talk about the other stuff (like shoulder surgery–yikes!).

You haven’t seen number 18 Azulejos yet.  And in a little more housekeeping, Field Flowers, number 7 in the listing above, is listed as 188 in my Quilt Index, since I posted about the top back then, and like to keep them together.

Five Merrion Square Quilts.jpg

Can’t believe I made five Merrion Square quilts.  But here they are.

I also made a couple more Tiny Quilts which aren’t listed; they are free patterns available in the tab “Tiny Quilts” at the top of the blog.Crossroads SModerne.jpg

This was a highlight of 2019, as I am quite a fangirl of this magazine.


Here’s one you haven’t seen on this blog yet.  It’s Home Is Where the Heart is, a re-do of my Home, Sweet Home pattern.  Lots of people would rather piece in the doors and windows (the smaller version has you fuse them on), so I am in the process of refreshing the pattern; it will be available Febrary 1st in PayHip.


The backing shows scenes of New York City, and reminds me of my daughter, who is in totally besotted with that place.  She was born there, but we moved when she was still tiny.  The city is in her DNA, I’m convinced.2019 completed Quilt Tops.jpg

But I still have some work to do.  Tannenbaum was on my Christmas Day post, and it needs a few more tons more squares for the borders so it can live on my bed in December.  Small World is pin-baseted, ready for quilting, as is the City Streets variation.  And that Temperature Quilt will soon be finished (like tonight).

Output number Sign 2019

So, even though I started the  year with that surgery which sidelined me for a few months, I think my output has been decent.  I also visited seven different guilds, taught seven workshops, and wrote/refreshed many of my patterns.  I’m not listing the number of doctor visits, trips to the grocery store, visits to the car dealership, nor the trips to see my children/grandchildren/parents/family.  In this blog, all revolves around the quilt, and my Quilt Index (or Indices, if you want to get technical).

And why is a quilt index important for you?  I was sitting next to Judy R. in December’s Guild meeting, and the question came up “Who has made the most quilts?”  Several women raised their hands, but Judy popped her hand up and said “Elizabeth has! And has a Quilt List to prove it!” (She’s very sweet.) It made me, yet again, happy that I’d made a quilt index and kept it up to date.  In this new upcoming  year, I’d like to encourage you to start one, if you haven’t already.

BTC and ESE Matching Outfits
That daughter and I, long long ago.

If you are new to this blog, last year I wrote an introduction of who I am.  In this space, I generally talk about my quilts, places I go that are textile/quilty related, as well as discuss quilt/work/create topics once in a while.  I keep this quote of Thomas Merton’s handy, perhaps to help me keep perspective:

“We live in a society whose whole policy is to excite every nerve in the human body and keep it at the highest pitch of artificial tension, to strain every human desire to the limit and to create as many new desires and synthetic passions as possible, in order to cater to them with the products of our factories and printing presses and movie studios and all the rest.”

For now, for today, it’s time to unwind from that tension, take a break and close out this year, looking forward to the next.  In all ways, quilting can help.

German Happy New Year

Prosit Neujahr 2020!

14 thoughts on “Happy Old Year Ending 2019

  1. You just capture things, using words, so very well and you are so generous to share them with us! Thank you. Here’s wishing you a new year full of great ideas, safe travel, all the quilting you can handle, good health and, most importantly, the love of family and friends. Prosit Neujahr dear friend!!

  2. You’ve had a great year, despite the shoulder surgery. Home is Where the Heart Is is gorgeous! I keep a list of my quilts too, since the very beginning (or at least I was able to list the earlier ones too so it includes everything. I agree that it is very helpful and interesting. Happy 2020.

  3. What a prolific year for you! Impressive, considering the surgery and recovery! I love the colors you choose, the way you think things through, and the way you share yourself. You are an amazing woman.

  4. I love lists too! You’ve made some beautiful quilts despite the surgery. Looking forward to what comes out of your quilting studio in 2020. Happy New Year, Elizabeth!

  5. You inspired me to make a lifetime quilt list. I’m not sure I have them in the right order, but I came up with fifteen, which surprised me. I think only four were 2019, and three of those were small. What a slacker I am. 🙂

  6. Wishing you a lovely 2020 filled with many more quilts and to reading your blog and the stories behind them. Your quilting inventory inspired me to go back and capture my own before it’s really too late to figure it all out. I got a good start earlier in the year and then let it drop. Must get back to it soon. Do you have a format for the facts you record for each quilt?

  7. I’m blown away by your production! You are so amazing! It’s also fun to see the five Merrion Square quilts side-by-side. Little changes make significant differences!

  8. What an achievement to have completed so many beautiful quilts, shared your expertise with so many lucky participants and all the time recovering from surgery! Here’s to many more happy sewing hours in 2020 and beyond.

  9. How do you do it all??? Do you sleep?? You are the most prolific and talented quilter! Thank you for sharing such beauty in your quilts, travels, observations, memories and your equally beautiful spirit. Many blessings to you and yours in 2020!

  10. WOW, what an output indeed! And gorgeous, all of it. I have been quilting since 1992 and dearly wish I’d started such an index system!! That, and keep track of my time making a quilt so that I can really answer people when they ask how long it took me to make a quilt. Love the photo of you and your daughter, so sweet. I enjoy your blog so much and am thankful I found it in ’19! Happy New Year!

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