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Prepping the Quilts 2018

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Thank you all for the lovely words of encouragement you wrote in response to my last post.  I’m making my way through them, and will answer them.  However, everything I have done lately…is done lately.

Annularity_May 2018LabeledNorthern Lights Medallion on bench

These two lovelies were juried into Road to California 2019, and so I spent a morning prepping them to head off:

Prepping for Road_1

Now you see the bit of errant blue quilting thread…

Prepping for Road_2

…and now you don’t…Prepping for Road_3

…thanks to these trusty friends.  This is an old quilter’s trick, mentioned in several older books I have.

Names on labels are covered up. I also had to make sure my name and contact information are included on the quilt, and I do that in a label near the hanging sleeve, and that’s covered up, too.

Quilts into a clear plastic bag, into their box, and off to Road to California, not to be seen until January 2019, in the show!

14 thoughts on “Prepping the Quilts 2018

  1. Congratulations on having two quilts accepted to Road to California! That’s exciting for you! And I’m guessing you’ll get to attend the show too. This blog post is excellent for showing all the behind-the-scenes efforts needed to prepare a quilt for a show. It’s a lot of work! In fact, you’ve reminded me that I have quilts to prep for two upcoming shows. Ugh. The local show, at the end of January, is the most demanding. Not only the sleeve, label, label covering, and number-pinning are required, but also each quilt is expected to be delivered in it’s own labeled, custom-sized, drawstring bag! Then TWO drop-offs and pick-ups are needed. One for photos and judging, the other for the quilt show. It’s nearly enough to make one not want to bother showing two quilts (limit of two per quilter). I wish you all the best with your lovely entries. I hope you bring home some ribbon!

  2. Elizabeth (Beth’s mom here), these quilts are so beautiful! I love reading your blog. Hope to see them in person at the Road to California! Best of Luck to you!!

  3. Congrats on your quilts going to Road!! I’ve used that marker trick to fix a quilting problem before but didn’t know it had ever been mentioned in quilting books. It feels like cheating but hey, it works.

  4. Winner for sure! Your work is beautiful and no doubt the judges will love them. I hope to see you at Road to California.

  5. There is much to do to get the quilts ready, isn’t there? I entered one quilt in a show once and it was almost enough to put me off forever! Good luck with these two beautiful quilts! They are already winners in my eyes. I guess the judges don’t read blogs or Instagram?

  6. Wonderful news! Such beautiful quilts.
    I’ve used the marker trick and think I heard it on television many years ago before we had all those great colors.
    I didn’t know about all the prep involved in the process beyond the sleeve and a label.

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