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Still Plugging Along

Well?  The name of this linky party is Wednesday Works in Progress, right?  I’ve made great progress, for I’ve gotten some projects off the pin wall and other blocks out of the box.

WonkyStarShams Pinned

This is the project I removed from the wall–the pillow shams for my wonky star quilt.

Xmas Wonky Quilt1

And here’s what took its place.  The first version.  I had made a lot of wonky blocks in blues, and then a bunch in green/reds.  I had made these in November of 2011–so it’s been a while since I’d seen them, or even remember the idea I had.  I think it was to intersperse the green/reds inbetween the blues, but when I tried that, I hate it.  Of course, I was also watching the Inauguration and kept breaking off my concentration to wait for Mrs. Obama to appear so I could see what she was wearing to the Inaugural Ball.  Jason Wu, apparently.

Xmas Wonky Quilt2

I like it better with just the blues.  Now somehow I’ve got to get it together.  Probably not this week–too many interruptions.  Like going to Road to California quilt show.  Or as I like to refer to it (because the jurors who pick the quilts seem to LOVE spangles and crystals on their quilts), Road to Hollywood.  But still, it is a quilt show and there are vendors and lots of interesting people and old friends and good things to see and I’m totally jazzed about it.  Any one else headed there?

Xmas Wonky Quilt3

So now I’ve got 19 green/red blocks that don’t have a home.  Maybe I’ll put them on the back?  However, I already purchased some lovely blue/white variegated thread to quilt it with.  So two quilts?  I only have enough energy to do one more Christmas quilt, so these will probably go back in the box until November.


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7 thoughts on “Still Plugging Along

  1. I like your Christmas project with just the blues! Put those green ones away- there will be something you can do with them next year!

  2. The pillow shams are great and that quilt is looking so fun. I agree about the extra blocks, set them aside for now and have fun finishing the lovely blue blocks off.

  3. YEA for getting UFO’s done! Good luck on your starry night quilt – I love mine finished – took a year but so nice that it is done now!

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