More Quilt Shops near Corvallis, Oregon

After we visited Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest in Salem, we headed south to Independence, where we’d visit a quilt shop and have lunch at the Pink House.  First up–the shop!


Ladies of Liberty is a quilt shop that features Civil War reproduction fabrics, and they announce their place in the quilt world with the old-fashioned dress in the storefront window.  They are located at 130 C Street, Independence OR 97351. Their phone number is 503-837-0676, and their email is ladiesofliberty@hotmail.com.


By now, the sun had come out, so the shop’s samples really shone. It’s a smaller shop, but has good ideas and friendly staff.   Again, I’ll let my photos do the talking.




Their classroom.  Apparently they just recently pushed out the walls to enlarge their shop and gain this space.






Pink House

Beth and I were ready for lunch, so just two blocks away is the Pink House Cafe (242 D Street, in Independence), open Weds to Sunday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.  After our delicious lunch, a chance to sit down and catch up with each other again, we were off to Philomath, and JanniLou Creations.


I snapped this one as we hurried inside. JanniLou Creations is at 1243 Main in Philomath, OR 97370, and their phone is 541-929-3795.


This is what greets your eye, but the hellos and how are yous? were also nice to hear, too.  I browsed over in the section to the side, looking at all their black and white fabrics.  Beth had said this was a converted movie theater, but it wasn’t until she urged me to head around the counter and take a look that it dawned on me what she was talking about.  What you see above is where they used to take the tickets and sell popcorn and candy.  Walk around to the right or left and you see this:


The former movie theater turned into fabric store.  Oh, my.  It was huge and filled with quilts and colors and lots of movie memorabilia.


The batiks aisle.




Their classroom is at the back, and is large enough to display these full-sized quilts, plus have room for fat quarter bins around the edges.


View from the classroom.  Way up in the corner, near the ceiling was a quilt designed for the quilt shop–yep, the one in black and white on the upper left.



I liked that they not only had groupings of patterns, but also labeled their bins of fat quarters as to what was in them by theme.



After buying a few things, I was sure now that my suitcase wouldn’t shut on the way home, but we weren’t done yet!



We drove the beautiful Oregon countryside to Corvallis; it wasn’t too far away to Quiltwork Patches, right in downtown Corvallis Oregon.


We’d passed by this shop on our way to dinner the night before, and of course, I was intrigued.  Don’t worry, Beth told me as we drove past, we’ll be here tomorrow.  And for our final stop of the day, we went in after finding a parking place easily.


Quiltwork Patches is on 212 SW 3rd Street in Corvallis, OR 97333; phone number is 541-752-4820.  It’s a friendly place and we were greeted right as we walked in, not only by the owner, but also by well-arranged bolts of fabrics.  I was happy to see a lot of the modern fabrics represented, although she also stocked a full range of batiks, colors, and Kaffe Fasset fabrics.


A good quilt shop has lots of samples to entice quilters to get to work, and Quiltwork Patches had some lovely examples.  I sort of make it a policy not to photograph only quilts when I do a review of a shop, but rather focus on the shop.  So if you wonder why I don’t have straight-on shots, that’s why.  I’m there to explore the shop.  And explore I did.


Quiltwork Patches also had garment and bag samples, as well as good eye-level displays of books and small sewing projects.  The shop was neat and clean and I wanted to spend hours and hours and buckets of money in there.  I’m sure they wouldn’t have objected.




This is the sale room.  Instead of doing punch cards or customer reward points, Quiltwork Patches decided to offer good prices on current fabrics.  I had a fun time browsing through her stock.



Batik wall.


Like Greenbaum’s and JenniLou Creations, this shop had a full range of classes offered up, from beginning classes up to classes for the more experienced quilter.  I saw many things to buy, but had to start somewhere–like this bolt of Anna Maria Horner’s Field Study.  Weighted down by a full day of shopping, good conversation and fabric, Beth dropped me back at my hotel.  We hugged good-bye and promised each other we would do this again sometime.

4 thoughts on “More Quilt Shops near Corvallis, Oregon

  1. Wow; I am ready for a trip to Oregon, just to shop! Love the scenery photo’s as you traveled between shops! Suggestion for you when you “only have a carry on”. . . stop at the local post office, get a flat rate box, put it together, and as you shop you fill it up; when it is full; deliver to the local post office, pay the $10-12 shipping, and ENJOY.

  2. Love to read your shop posts. Makes me realize I haven’t actually been in one in awhile. Too much time spent online shopping and just needing to use my stash. Good thing this week is visit your local shop day. I need to get out of the house.

  3. What a fantastic trip! I would love to visit the store with the civil war fabrics. I have been to the several here in Sacramento but I wish to take a trip like that.

  4. A couple of these looked like a step back in time–wonderfully old-fashioned and traditional. A nice balance to the more modern shops, which are also fun.

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