Four-in-Art, quilt 2

collapsed piece

This little pathetic, collapsed piece of dangly bits is where I found myself at the end of a day of invention as I worked on my second entry in our Four-in-Art art quilts group.  We are still holding, the four of us.  And from the dead place I spoke of last week, I’ve made progress.

Although I know it doesn’t look quite like anything yet, the quilt is coming along.  Nicely, even.  Reveal date is one week from today. I’ll be ready.  Hey! I already have a title.

3 thoughts on “Four-in-Art, quilt 2

  1. I’ve enjoyed going back on your blog and reading a bit about your art group. I just took a look at the Twelve book a couple of days ago. Keep thinking I’ll make time to explore a little art quilting but never quite get to it, but now I think I have a plan for this year. Can’t wait to see your finished piece.

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