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Betty Crocker Takes up Quilting

Betty Crocker Qlting_front

Betty Crocker Takes Up Quilting, quilt #199
36″ square

Betty Crocker Qlting_1

It all begins with digging deep in the stash closet for fun, familiar fabrics…Betty Crocker Qlting_3

..with some quilting to show off the two different sections…Betty Crocker Qlting_4

…to make up another sample for a class I’m teaching in August, for the South Bay Quilters in Torrance, California.  I’m really excited to head out there to the coast in the middle of August, and to spend some time with their guild.  The smaller version is 27.5″ and the larger is 36″ square.

Betty Crocker Qlting_5labels

We’d switched up our classes to this one, which is a Two-for-One class: a quilting/making component in the morning, and a free-motion primer in the afternoon.

Betty Crocker Qlting_6

I will also be teaching at Valley Modern Quilt Guild this fall, with the trunk show/lecture on Monday, October 29th, with a workshop on that Saturday, November 3rd.  I’m excited to teach there, although they haven’t told me which workshop yet.  We have all summer to decide that, but here’s a quilt they may want to consider:

Cinque Terra Tiles_1front

Improv Appliqué, taught in a demo at QuiltCon 2018.  Or…


Criss-Cross, which if done in these colors, is right in time for Christmas.  Or…

Sky Rocket Variant

Sky Rocket, using just eight colors to make up into a bold, punchy mini-quilt.

I love meeting new quilters, having a chance to talk to people, and later on, sitting in a room full of quilters intent on their projects, their sewing machines humming along.  Can’t wait!

9 thoughts on “Betty Crocker Takes up Quilting

  1. You have so much talent to share! I’m sure there’s demand for everything you offer – you show such a nice range of modern to somewhat traditional that there’s always something for everyone. I admire you for numbering your quilts. I wish someone had suggested that to me back in 1976 when I made my first one! In 2012 I attempted to keep a spreadsheet, but after topping 200, I didn’t think it was important. That was at least 70 quilts ago (averaging at least 10 a year). The quantity is too astounding to be to remember!

  2. Cute fabrics and quilt. You always come up with such fun names for all your quilts too.

  3. Oh, October and November! I’m in leave then…! Maybe if my lottery numbers come up, I can pop over and be a part of it! I can dream, can’t I!?

  4. How fun to make the same pattern in different fabrics! The yellow in the Betty Crocker really draws your eye. You could use this as part of the lesson on contrast and color. It sounds to me that you are staying busy teaching, and I hope you are finding joy in sharing your talents!

  5. South Bay Quilters Guild is anxiously awaiting your visit! Tuesday, August 21 & 22, 2018. Come visit us in Redondo Beach to hear Elizabeth’s lecture and workshop.

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