Quilt #179
60″ wide by 76″ high
Finished April 2017

Piggies2_backPiggies3_signatureAll our signature blocks, close-up.  And who are these people?  My beemates from the Gridsters Bee.  You can find our work on Instagram: they made over half of the piggies and I made the rest.  The tutorial is *here.*

Piggies4_on my farmYou’ve seen a lot of this quilt, but you haven’t yet seen it down on MY farm: here’s the beauty shot in our garden.Piggies5_detailPiggies6_label

The lower blue fabric dates from the 1970s, a scrap from the very first quilt I ever made.  I try to work it into most of my quilts, one way or another.


The backing is an old Marimekko fabric, purchased from when the Crate and Barrel Outlet store used to be nearer to me.  The binding is a Kaffe Fasset fabric.  Many many thanks to all who cheered me on while making this, and to my lovely bee-mates!

24 thoughts on “Piggies!

  1. What a fun quilt Elizabeth! There are so many lovely elements to it- the jaunty piggies prancing across the quilt, the swirly quilting, the grass-like backing and the perfect farmyard border! I love everything about it! And to think you have fabric from quilt #1! Wonderful!

  2. This is just such a happy quilt – I love it! All your fabric choices accent so well the piggies and I’m so proud of your “post-surgery” quilting!!!

  3. Ok, I can’t resist….Pigs in a blanket!!!!
    This is one of my all time favorite quilts, Elizabeth!!!

  4. I never thought I’d love a pig themed quilt but this quilt just makes me smile. Love the fabric choices for the backing and binding.

  5. That is positively adorable! I love it and I love it on your “farm”. The signature blocks on the back look great. You really got this one finished quickly considering your disability. Very impressive!!!

  6. I haven’t been a fan of pig quilt in the past, but I am now. Your Piggies quilt is adorable. Epic effort on your part. I’m glad to see you are springing back.

  7. It turned out so good, Elizabeth! The curving quilting sort of mimics curlycue pig tails, doesn’t it? And that backing fabric… it’s so pretty! I think I vaguely remember seeing it before. Happy that you had that in your stash because it suits. Mostly I’m glad for you to have a finish like this, as I know you’ve been waiting patiently (impatiently) to get back to the more physical aspects of quiltmaking. You’ve persevered well though all of it.

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