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Four-in-Art February 2017: Shimmery Tunnel of Memories


Every time I head to Washington, DC and go to the National Gallery of Art, I head downstairs to go through this light insulation by Leo Villarreal, titled Multiverse.  The lights are static, then blinking, then shimmering, then moving and I never tire of it.


Shimmery Tunnel of Memories, Quilt #177
Four-in-Art, Series Four: Light
10 1/2″ wide 16″ high

Our Four-in-Art art quilt group’s yearly theme for 2017 is Light, and our first quarterly challenge was shimmer.

multiverse_1Shimmer is best captured in movement, in seeing the light flicker and move and wink and flash, so it was a hard one to interpret in cloth.  But I had taken a snapshot of Multiverse on a trip to DC, and used that as inspiration for this challenge.


I’ll do the Deconstruction on the this quilt in the next post.

Please visit the others in our Four-in-Art group, and see how they interpreted the Challenge of Shimmer:

Betty        Sun Shimmer, Filtered







All of our blocks are on our blog, Four-in-Art.


14 thoughts on “Four-in-Art February 2017: Shimmery Tunnel of Memories

  1. What a perfect interpretation!!!! I think you have captured perfectly the Multiverse and it is such an affirmation of all those wonderful pictures you (always!) take. Cannot wait for your deconstruction! Great job.

  2. You’ve interpreted the display beautifully. I can imagine how difficult it was to turn it into the “flatness” of fabric, but those glistening bits in between… is that reflective fabric? Perhaps you’re saving that info for your next post. In any case, it’s a neat piece. I hope you have a place to hang it!

  3. Such a fabulous shimmering multiverse you’ve created! I loved that you included a video from a visit to the shimmering lights at the National Gallery of Art in DC. So what type of fabric did you use for your shimmer? You’ve created a wonderful rendition of shimmering lights, not an easy thing to do. Shimmers are hard to catch!

  4. Your mini is wonderful Elizabeth! I love the rainbow of color! And the art installation must be a delight to visit!

  5. What a fun inspiration and resulting quilt. I was so intrigued when you shared an in process picture – this is a spectacular result. I can’t imagine what the art installation is like – must be really fun to see in person. Great quilt – looking forward to the details. And not a square!

  6. How lovely. You pulled off what I tried and failed at. The colors and the “shimmering” lights a fascinating. I look forward to your deconstruction post. I hope one day I can visit this installation in Washington, D.C.

  7. Fabulous!! I think this is my favorite Four-in-Art that you’ve done. Great interpretation of a fascinating light sculpture. I’d love to see it in real life sometime. I do remember a very colorful neon light installation in Chicago once that was very inspiring too. Sorry I’m so tardy in blog commenting these days.

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