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Chuck Nohara Quilt Top Finished!

We interrupt this tour of France and the European Patchwork Meeting to bring you breaking news: I finished the Chuck Nohara Quilt Top!

My husband held it up for me, but it’s big — about 80″ wide, and similar height.

Chuck Nohara Blocks_Final

Above are the Chuck Nohara blocks that Susan and I chose; we took turns choosing blocks to make–four a month, which sometimes about did me in.  I’ll have you know that she is ALL DONE with her quilt.  (I took this photo inside, the quilt smoothed up on my design wall, so all the blocks were visible.)

Chuck Nohara Signature Block SS

And then we made signature blocks for each other, to commemorate that year-plus of making weensy little fussy blocks. (How did we decide to do this?  Blame the Chuck Nohara QAL Instagram Feed.)  The above signature block is hers, surrounded by my tiny plus-sign blocks and the final star borders.  I have other posts tagged with “Chuck Nohara” so you can either click on the label at the bottom of this one to get more info, or do a search in the box to the right.Chuck Nohara Signature Block ESE

Here’s my signature block.  Do I love love this quilt?  Parts of it, most of it.  If I had another millennium, I might have tried something different besides the two borders, then star borders.  Let me rephrase that… I DID try a lot of different things but nothing clicked to me (now I have a lot of cut fabric for string blocks).  At some point, the old mantra clicked in my head:  “Better done, than perfect”  as well as  “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Sometimes it’s fine to have some good quilts.  I love so much of what I learned with this quilt–so many different techniques.  But I’m also glad it’s at this spot.  I’ll bring it back when I finish quilting it, but for now, I’m putting it up on the 200 Quilts List.

23 thoughts on “Chuck Nohara Quilt Top Finished!

  1. I’m so proud of you!!!! This thing is wonderful and I remember the inspiration of your posts on almost every block (my effort has fallen quite short, but remains with a weak pulse). All your color values work out perfectly! And you get an A+ for those small crosses – am working on a BOM now and the same block is giving me serious heartburn!~ Cannot wait to see it after it’s quilted! Again, good job.

  2. Stunning work, so awesome! You did such a lovely job! You’re inspiring me to get mine out of the box it’s languishing in & work on it again. Amazing work, and you are also so good at keeping up your blog regularly

  3. Absolutely love this quilt, the use of crosses for sashing and
    how you stuck with it. You are amazing!

  4. Fantastic! So many unusual blocks! I’m sure you must feel like you learned some new techniques in the process. I’m always a little sad that a project is finished, but I will tell you, during the “final assembly” my brain and heart have moved on to new projects! Congrats on the finish. (This is where my quilts languish, on hangers, waiting for the “right backing” or the “right final border” or “just waiting for the energy to tackle quilting them”. )

  5. It really is a fabulous quilt top. It is so alive and fun. I am looking forward to seeing this one quilted. However, if you decide to go that other route with your design ideas, I will be more than happy to take this one off of your hands!!! lol

  6. Gosh Elizabeth! This is simply eye-popping. So much to see and study. Now that it’s nearly – well, at least half-way – finished, you can look back and see all you learned, and how much TIME you put into it! It’s a crazy amount of work, and not something I’d be willing to put so much effort into. But it’s great, and look at the fantastic finish you’ll have! Love your siggie blocks too. They’re perfect.

  7. I love the star border! I struggle with the “I don’t like this part of a quilt,” until someone else says they do like it. I showed my guild board a baby blanket I’m trying to finish before Saturday’s shower. I hate the quilting (I’m not that skilled yet). They all loved it. So now I feel OK about the quilting. It’s funny how that works!

  8. I think it is wonderful. I don’t know much about Chuck Nohara so for me to see all those blocks with such color and excitement just amazes me. And I say the quilting always acts as the topping in the pie

  9. This is an amazing accomplishment and a beautiful work of heart and art. I’m coming late to the Chuck Nohara craze. Can you tell me about the book that you used for the patterns? My son is living in Japan now and I want to learn all I can about Japanese quilters.

  10. Your Chuck quilt is very well done. I have the book and enjoy looking even if I never make a block design from it.

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