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The Last of the Shine RWB Blocks: 22

Happy Birthday to this blog!
Fourteen years of blogging: writing, sewing, quilting, venting, writing-back-to-you, reading and I still love writing this. I still love reading your letters and with a few exceptions was able to write back to everyone. Like I said, there are a few exceptions, but I try to keep the conversation going, so comments are back on for this final post of Shine blocks.

Block 22: Double Rosette

This block was very nearly infected with a virus, but I made some quick switches, and saved the quilt from this fate. It starts at the beginning when I choose fabrics, not always seeing the end from the beginning.

First up, attach the teensy little blue points to the large two-color points, already seamed using the quick trick I’ve mentioned before. But it’s easier if you work from the back, aligning the lower edge, taking a stitch to tack it together, then work upward to the point/shoulders of the two:

I never glue down that lower edge, so if you have, straighten it out, then you can see the bottom of the patterns. Take a stitch while you are looking at them. No, take two stitches.

After sewing one teensy point onto the same side of all the Inner Rosette units, repeat the process to sew two of these units together: work from the back, tacking the alignment into place. Sew the seam.

Twos, the fours. Notice that I sewed my little point onto the LEFT side of all the Inner Rosettes.

The blue diamonds went on, keeping the little blue dot pointing towards the center (I’ll show you that in a minute). It’s easier to add the outer sections if you are working in segments.

All the outer wedges are on, units are sewn together and it’s time to go hunting for a middle.

Because this circle is so much larger than my templates, I trace it on to the dull side of freezer paper, but also add a row of dashes at 1/8″ away from the circle and 1/4″ away. As I tell you on the pattern, it’s best to make your circle a little bit bigger.

I went to the ironing board and with the shiny side of the freezer paper facing upward, I tack it in four places with the tip of a hot (cotton setting) iron, kind of melting the shiny side of the freezer paper to hold the seam allowance in place.

I then work my way around, smoothing it into place. I will smooth out any bumps when I hand-stitch it down. Notice that the seam allowance is closer to 3/8″ — I will trim it down after it’s sewn to the larger EPP circle.

I measure from the edges to the center circle to make sure it’s evenly placed in the center.

And even now, I didn’t see what was happening with that blue polka dot against those teensy blue points.

I carefully stitched the center circle on, flipped it over for its papers-in beauty shot. See the little blue dots in the Outer Diamond E piece? They are there to help you know which side goes towards the center.

NOW I see it. It looks like a giant virus. This just won’t do.

I dithered about what to do for a day or two, then took off the center circle.

I replaced it with a medium blue center. But after another day, I added the final dark circle in the middle. I kept thinking I should dream up some more EPP for the middle, but frankly, I was kind of . . . done. And so I called the last block of the series, finished. (See the photo at the top for the final version.)

So, at this point, the Shine Blocks are all a family: The first sixteen, the second batch of ten, making 26 blocks out into the world. I love it when I see other people’s blocks, so I’ll leave you with Linda’s final block of her quilt.

Shine on, everyone!

And Happy Birthday to me this week!
Illustration by @flora.forager

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10 thoughts on “The Last of the Shine RWB Blocks: 22

  1. Happy Birthday to your blog but especially to you!
    You came up with a great fix for your virus center on your last Shine block, I really like the addition of that last darker circle. I have to admit I chuckled when I saw that Covid looking center, Covid seems to leave its mark on everything!
    Have a fabulous birthday!

  2. I always remember your birthday is on epiphany, but I forget when it is. 😊. Happy birthday to you! 😁😁

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your blogging! I’m certain there will be no raging party this year, but I hope it’s a day for celebrating YOU anyway. Your Shine block looks wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing this all come together in one beautiful quilt.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to you! And a happy blogiversary too. Have a wonderful bday and do something nice for yourself. I happen to like the virus center of your block but understand if it just wouldn’t do given the year we’ve had. I am finally hand stitching on a 100 day project that I prepped last year but didn’t get around to sewing. Guess I might need new glasses because I’m finding it hard to see what I’m sewing. Can’t imagine doing what you are with these blocks given my eyes . . . not to mention my arthritic fingers. Sure don’t like getting old.

  5. “Happy Birthday” Thank You for all the hard work doing the Shine Blocks they are Beautiful. Thank You Again !!! Barb 😊 ❤️

  6. Congratulations! Happy Birthday and happy blogging anniversary. Thanks for sharing your great sewing and quilting crafts with all of us. It is always a pleasure to read your blog posts! Looking forward to follow your crafting adventures in 2021 (and further on)

  7. Happy Birthday and happy blog-i-versary, too! I’ve been with you for many years, now, and you’ve been a wonderful window “out” during some difficult times.

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