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Summer Snowcone • Quilt Finish

It’s mostly photos, today. Enjoy!

Summer Snowcone, variation of Sun and Sea Pattern
Quilt #251
48″ wide x 56″ high

Advent, previously shown but what a cool backdrop of flowers. It was in the women’s bathroom, but I couldn’t resist. (I propped open the door and we were in and out in under 60 seconds, and no one was there.) And yes, I have the best quilt-holding husband on the planet.

The drive to meet our son for lunch was about 90 minutes, and I wanted to finish sewing down the hanging sleeve on Advent and the binding on Summer Snowcone, so we had them along. When I saw that painted hallway, I grabbed the quilts out of the car for photographs.

Photographed in the hallway at City Tacos, Sorrento Valley near San Diego. Since my son’s a working man, we drive to see him and his girlfriend. A good day out.

Website of Interest: A project to make a kimono representing every nation was recently completed. The website groups the kimono by continent, and then you can navigate to the country you want to see. Of course I went to see America, then copied and pasted the text into Google Translate.

Their caption, translated:

The image of a country consisting of 50 states called "United States" is expressed by "state flowers". Designed with the national symbol "President" as "American Eagle". Baseball, American football, Hollywood movies, and the goddess of freedom, which Americans love, are studded in the state flowers, and the great presidents Lincoln and Kennedy are represented by statues and Apollo programs.

I love that Abraham Lincoln is right up there with the “goddess of freedom (which Americans love) as well as baseball and Hollywood. When they say “goddess of freedom” I think they mean the Statue of Liberty. But so cool that they included all the state flowers.

I’m now going to go waste a lot of time thinking about how I should get more stuff done. But hey! it’s Labor Day Weekend and we honor the concept of Labor by relaxing, barbecuing and not doing anything.

Happy Labor Day!

Samuel Gompers Memorial, Washington, D. C.

14 thoughts on “Summer Snowcone • Quilt Finish

  1. I enjoyed your photos, but I think most especially, the one in the bathroom. I don’t think I have ever seen a bathroom wall like that and it was the perfect backdrop for the quilt! I was just sure you were in a foreign country! LOL

  2. What pretty photos! You found great photo sites. Makes me envious, though I think I could come up with beautiful sites too, if I had an amenable quilt-holding assistance! (You lucky girl, you.) My favorite picture is the one with your quilt laying across an orange structured bicycle. How nice that you got out for a meet-up with your son and his girlfriend. I know you’re playing it safe, but such outings are good for one’s spirit, aren’t they? I’m glad you won’t be cooking on Labor Day, but will enjoy the day with good ‘ole BBQ. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

  3. When in doubt, be careful. Or, if you can’t be good be careful; if you can’t be careful, don’t get caught! More or less words to live by re the bathroom shot. Loved it. Thank you.

  4. You find the best places for quilt photos. I especially love the cactus background!! Are you ever tempted to make a quilt just to go with a backdrop you know of?

  5. Always such lovely photos to go with your pretty quilts Elizabeth! I really like the floral background on the Advent quilt and the bikes of course! (I have tried to post a comment many times, but WordPress gives me a hard time! Fingers crossed this works!)

  6. You always have such fun photo shoots for your quilts. That bathroom floral is just fantastic. Don’t you wish you could steal the whole wall for future pics? I love the quilt draped over the bike too.

  7. As usual ( it’s good!), you sent me down a rabbit hole with that kimono site! They are all so colorful and full of flowers and animals and I couldn’t help but think about how we’re not doing enough to preserve all this beauty on the planet. Love how you find such great places to photograph your quilts!

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