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Last of Summer Daze • 2021

If you were a child in some parts of the county, you would recognize the significance of this week: it’s the last week before school starts. Of course, so many now start much earlier, but my internal clock is primed to think “school starts the day after Labor Day,” so I have no guilt stitching on my Summer Snowcone.

But first!

There were two winners of the tape, as you positively charmed me with all your descriptions of your first sewing machines. So many of you also wrote stories about how you got them, and the first winner, Nancy of Patchwork Breeze, was one of those:

The first machine that was truly mine was a Kenmore 1774 model (the last 2 numbers tell you the year). [To buy it] I worked 2 summers at the hardware store 3 miles away (many days walking to work) for the wage of $1.25 per hour. It still is a workhorse! I can clean it out all by myself (no technician is really needed). My daughters have sewn on it, the 12-year-old across the road has used it. It has CAMs that are placed in the top to sew decorative designs. It is still treasured by me.

Cathy M., our second winner, also mentioned how she came to hers:

My first sewing machine was a Kenmore from Sears that I bought for about $200 in 1974. I was 16 and had saved up my babysitting money to buy it. I still have it but mostly use the Bernina I bought about 20 years ago with a bonus from my adult job.

While I decided to give out the first roll of tape, Shelley of NanaKaboodle graciously matched my giveaway and is the sponsor of the second roll. I have always appreciated her quick service and clean and high quality fabrics. She’s one of my favorite shops on ETSY, if you should need anything.

Back to Summer Snowcone: As is my usual, I print out dimmed copies of my quilt and then start doodling. I keep a file on my IG of samples I’ve liked, and start scrolling through them for ideas. For this quilt, I wanted it loose, not heavily quilted with lines and angles, as I envision it as a quilt to throw in the car for picnics and outings. The last thing I doodled–those kind of cloud shapes on the lower right — I decided looked like the top of a snow cone, so I went with it. This is one version of my pattern Sun and Sea, and I’m quite partial to the RWB fabrics in this, as you can see below:

A rare photo of me in Regular-not-Posed Life: closet door open, bins of thread on the guest room bed (where I keep the Sweet Sixteen quilting machine), and yes, me in my dorky gloves. I go back and forth between those and that stuff secretaries use on their hands–that pink sticky stuff. My husband took it because I matched my quilt. One should always dress to match their quilting, right?

Here’s a bit. It’s loopy, and I mean that in both definitions of the word.

Marcia C. has been sending me such happy pieces of mail, all containing her versions of my free SHINE blocks (found here). I’m quite in love with the one at the upper right with the fussy cut girls and the striped outer edges. If you make one of my patterns, either free on this blog, or from my pattern shop, please do send me an email with a photo. It brings a big smile to my face!

Lastly, here’s your end-of-summer tip off: This week, if you show your vaccination card, you get TWO Krispy Kreme doughnuts: one a heart-shape and one a circle. We had to do some driving to find one, as there’s not one near us. They were delicious and yes, we sweetened their coffers by purchasing a couple more; they made us remember the fascination that Dublin, Ireland has with donuts.

from here

Truly last thing: Superior Threads is having a sale on my favorite FMQuilting thread. It makes me look good in my quilting. Thought you’d want to know.

Happy Summer, Happy Quilting and most of all: Happy Donut-ing!

8 thoughts on “Last of Summer Daze • 2021

  1. Well dang. They didn’t give me a heart shaped doughnut!!!

    Love your RWB ensemble! And that Shine quilt! Definitely right up my alley!!

  2. I have both of you ladies beat. My first machine was a Nelco, purchased by my grandparents in 1962 for my Christmas present. But, I still have my Nov1970 Kenmore, with all the stitches (no cams), and it works perfectly, if a little slow. It has a new foot pedal, and I’m told the brushes (?) are almost worn out. Still love it.

  3. I’d have to travel to Maui to get to the closest Krispy Kreme, so I think we’ll have to pass for now (but what a sweet deal)! And I love that you matched the quilt you were quilting so well and that it chuffed your husband enough to photograph the coincidence. 🙂

  4. Great shot of you and your quilt – it looks like a beauty. I, too, still think of the first week of September as ‘back to school’ time though it’s been decades since that was the case. And what a treat from Krispy Kreme. I don’t think we have them in Canada (if we do, definitely not close by) but maybe I should put a bug in Tim Horton’s ears… :). Enjoy your quilting your doughnuts and the last week of summer!

  5. Here is my work from your patterns I used Lollies from Jen Kingwell, leftover of a quilt I sew with fabrics . I loved to choose soft fabrics they match well. Thanks for your patterns Veronique Arnould

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


  6. You do look so happy being in your happy place, matcha outfit and all! Congrats to the winners. For me the end of August/beginning of September as a child also means back to school time, but first my Dad would always try to plan one last mini vacation; a camping trip, a trip to an American town for an extra long weekend, a trip to Winnipeg to the zoo and a museum. Etc. We never knew what the last adventure would be. After my parents separated my Mom tried to continue on with the “last summer fling”. When my children were all still at home, I planned a last camping weekend. Now I find it’s a good weekend to take stock of my fabrics and pull any that I need for upcoming projects and put them with patterns in my project bags. Much more fun than finishing putting a garden to bed. 😉

  7. I like seeing your quilting doodles. That’s a great way to try out designs, isn’t it? Though, I’ve never printed mine in color. Hmm. Makes me wonder if I have the “dim” option on my printer. I’ll look for it. Anyway, your loopy design is perfect… in every way! Great picture of you quilting. Sometimes I wish I had a Sweet Sixteen like you do. Have you ever tried Neutrogena Original Formula hand cream on your hands, for quilting? Diane Gaudinski recommends it in her book, and I’ve found it to work great. Though, I pair the lotion with Marcia Baraldi quilting mitts (that leave my fingers free). Just thought I’d mention it. As for sharing those donut pictures… you’re just flat-out cruel! Krispy Kreme is entirely too far way for me to drive for free donuts, and the chances of me ever getting to Dublin, Ireland are slim to none. Hrumph! Some friend you are!

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