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Blossom Quilts • Santa Clarita Quilt Guild

I had a great visit to Santa Clarita Quilt Guild this past week, presenting a new lecture:  Exploration Through Modern, Art and Traditional Quilts. I then taught a Workshop on 9-11 (!) using my Blossom pattern. I’ve worked with this Guild before and they are delightful. I thought I would share (with their permission) some of the quilts they made for our Follow-Up meeting about a week later.

The pattern has three sizes of blocks, and some quilters chose the smallest size, and some chose the largest, but the impact is great with whichever size was used, as the basis — the Flowering Snowball block — is really adaptable to many different fabrics.

Carol C. used the smallest size, wanting to make a quilt in autumn colors. I think those oranges fairly glow against her dark border.

Jean C. chose dark tone-on-tone batiks for her petals, and backed them with brights. I love that grayed aqua border. While you can’t really see it here, she used a flanged binding, so outside the burnt orange is the dark color again.

I think Joan used the small block again, and I love how the bright cranberry background is balanced by the soft floral petals and the muted green border.

Kristeen D. started out with a white polka dot fabric at our workshop, but by the time we met again, she’d swapped all of that out for the black/white polka-dots. That was a really great choice, along with that border.

Melissa N had pieces of three different black florals, which she combined to great effect for the backgrounds and border. Several quilters finished their quilts completely and she was one of them.

Vickie R used the smallest block in a limited palette of yellows and blues. But she finished hers into a pillow–a great use for this mini-mini quilt.

Usually we have a full week in between, but we shortened the interval to five days. Sue B. was able to get her quilt pieces cut out and arranged on the wall — I am happy to see quilts in progress in our Slide Shows, as that reflects Real Life. I love that border she chose, and it’s a perfect foil to the bright colors in the center.

Robin T. was at the Guild Meeting and once she heard that I have several videos in the class materials, she realized she could sign up even though she couldn’t attend the Workshop. She used autumn tones again, and then brought the center petals forward with her bright pop of yellow. We all liked how she stepped down from that to the polka-dotted half-petals, then out again to another muted floral fabric.

And this is my mini-mini, made in the smallest size. I had decided I’d better try the quilt myself, in preparation for teaching. I loved using the subtle stripe in the border, and rotated the corners 45-degrees so the pattern would continue around the outside. I also demo-ed on this fabric, so this is the front and a large version of the block is the back. Note: the tiny lavender flowered fabric in the outer border is one of the oldest in my stash, as I think it’s about 25+ years old, and was used in a quilt for my then young daughter.

Thank you to the women in the Santa Clarita Quilt Guild for their creativity and imagination and quick work. Hope you enjoyed the Blossom Quilt Show!

12 thoughts on “Blossom Quilts • Santa Clarita Quilt Guild

  1. Love the diversity in each quilt and the rapid finishes of these quilters. I am sure it is because of the fine qualities of the teacher. Good job Elizabeth Eastmond!

  2. HI. I’m sure you can guess which quilt flipped me out – the one by Kristeen D. And yours was lovely, with the idea of turning the fabric on the corner borders; you are an experienced quilter.

    RS work and meetings have gone crazy. I still want to find time to have a rehash with you re “Migration.”

    Love, Christine

    On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 10:26 AM OccasionalPiece–Quilt! wrote:

    > Elizabeth E. posted: ” I had a great visit to Santa Clarita Quilt Guild > this past week, presenting a new lecture: Exploration Through Modern, Art > and Traditional Quilts. I then taught a Workshop on 9-11 (!) using my > Blossom pattern. I’ve worked with this Guild befo” >

  3. Thank you Elizabeth for a great lecture and the videos you created for making the Blossom quilt. I enjoyed hearing everyone speak about the choices and the changes they made while creating their quilts. It felt so good to take a class again !

  4. Thanks for sharing all the versions of your snowball blossoms quilt. Love seeing the different fabric choices. Every time I see this design I want to make one but need to get a few other things under control first.

  5. What a great class and the variety in the participant’s “Blossoms” is so inspirational! Job well done, Elizabeth. With my studio rearranged and 80% of my stash visible and right-at-hand, I may be ready to pull fabrics for this delightful little quilt!

  6. Well, it strongly appears that you had a successful lecture and workshop! It’s so fun to see all the variations that are possible from the same pattern. You have to take great pride in seeing all of them. As with your own version, I see the possibilities in making the pattern in a transparency style. You’ve designed a versatile quilt pattern, and I’m happy for you about all of it.

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