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Perhaps the UCR Science News was looking for something other than Nobel-prize generating stories or research about saving the world from cancer, but I’m happy that the editor liked my quilts, sent to him by my favorite guy (my husband).  The quilts were displayed around University of California’s campus near some of the science buildings (and in the Botannic Garden).  Thank you!

DAR Library.jpg

In other news, we visited the (tiny) exhibit at the DAR museum this past week (their library, above) in Washington, DC.

DAR exhibit sign.jpg

More on the exhibit in another post, but I met three quilters while I was there:

From the top left: Beth, a long-time friend (we always meet together at this particular science meeting of our husbands), Rhonda (who I met when I lived in D.C at the local quilt guild), and Bette (who I met online and since have become good friend with via correspondence and phone calls and occasional meetings). But that’s not all the news.

National Press Club

I spoke at the National Press Club, after I was proclaimed Queen of England.
Full story, below.

Headline Queen Elizabeth

Kidding, of course.  I merely posed, and the other photo is a leather-embossed rendition of a famous headline, one in a row of famous headlines.

Climate Change Protest

We’d done most of the museums in December when we last visited, and I was wondering what to do one day when the Climate Change Activists staged one of their protests right outside my hotel.  I threw on my clothes and went down to watch.  I remember how the police used to break up other protests long ago, with tear gas and heavy-handedness.  This experience was more like a garden party, as slowly, they encircled the boat parked in the middle of 16th and K. While the activists moved on to march around D.C. the police cut the handcuffs and tethers of those who remained, then towed away the boat.  I was quite impressed with the whole experience, both of those who felt strongly about making a statement, and the police officers taking good care of those who they serve.  Another reason why I love D.C.

Okay, I promise more serious quilty stuff soon.  I’m coming home tonight from my niece’s wedding in the Bay Area, hoping to dive into what I’ve left undone while traveling.  Before I left, I did get one quilt to the quilter’s, after auditioning, digitally, many different designs for quilting.

North Country Sept 2019I also cut more pieces to keep going on my North Country Patchwork Quilt, eeking this one out, bit by bit (photo of what I have so far, above).

Temperature Quilt Sept19.jpg

I did get caught up with my temperature quilt, which is turning out to be very different colors than what I expected.  I find it’s easier to do a whole month at a time, than piece-mealing it, day by day.

IE Modern Quilt Guild.jpg

Lastly, this coming Saturday, October 5th, I’ll be presenting a (mostly) modern quilt program at the Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild in Riverside, California.  They are a small modern guild, with a whole group of interested, dedicated quilters. Maybe you’ll be there?

12 thoughts on “Do You Tweet?

  1. It’s so nice that you get to travel often. Washington D.C. is a place I’d like to visit, since the last time I was there was during President Kennedy’s tenure! I think it’s wonderful too that you have such nice photography venues at the university, and that the science department likes to share your work. Awesome! You’re really getting good press these days! Have a great time with the modern chapter. Those are my kind of peeps. I know you’ll wow ’em.

  2. I don’t tweet but it’s really cool to have been called out for your quilts. Good luck with your presentation. Are you a member of that modern guild?

  3. I love that you got mentioned for your quilts on display on campus! It’s so great when non-quilty people take notice.
    Gosh, I wish you would visit the Arlington, TX area sometime…I am such a big fan and I would be delighted just to chat with you for a minute.
    You inspire me and encourage me and it just makes me happy when I see an OPQ post.
    Thanks, Elizabeth!!

  4. On Twitter- what a hoot! And I’m loving how the temperature quilt is coming along! Good luck with your next speaking engagement! You’ll be a star!

  5. Looks like you’ve been busy…no, I don’t Tweet…get enough frustration reading Facebook posts. Wish people were kinder! I lived in Alexandria VA years ago and I worked in Crystal City and then Ft. Belvoir…my favorite place in DC is Arlington Cemetary. The changing of the guard is something everyone should see. We were there once in below freezing temps and those guards don’t flinch! I cried at the grave site of Jackie “O”…not sure why! Managed to order a copy of “Simply Moderne” so I have your quilt pattern–it is wonderful! Safe travels!

  6. Thank you for the reminder of the North Country Patchwork Quilt. I have been looking for a new pick it up put it down project for while at work. I think this will be perfect! I am so excited to virtually know a local celebrity. 🙂

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