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Betsy’s Creation: Flag Quilt Top


Betsy’s Creation • Flag Quilt Top Finished!

Last week in another post, I threw together a fun little worksheet about how to make a flag quilt, then got busy and not only made this quilt top, but also a wallhanging:


In case you didn’t see that free worksheet…


…click here to download a PDF version of this: Betsy’s Creation_OPQuilt

It’s a just a worksheet and assumes you know how to put together a quilt.  Why did I have enough for a quilt and a wallhanging?  Seems I had a bit of a miscount, excited as I was to be cutting into all my reds, and whites and blues. I overshot my mark of 15 sets.

I put each strip set on my design wall, then added a blue rectangle to coordinate.


I mixed them around until I found an arrangement I liked, putting four to the side for the wallhanging, then sashed and bordered them with the light blue.  I used Painter’s Palette Solids in Aruba (121-100), available from Pineapple Fabrics, if your local shop doesn’t carry it.


Then I went outside and fought the breezes to get these few shots.


I did all the cutting, the sewing and fighting-the-breezes-for-a-picture in three days.  I tell you that so you know it’s a quick quilt to make.  I’ll hang the smaller version in our front hallway in July, but the larger one will be quilted and tucked into the car for fun picnic blanket getaway events.


Happy Red, White and Blue Sewing!

Flag waving


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17 thoughts on “Betsy’s Creation: Flag Quilt Top

  1. I always want to jump into my red, blue and white stash of fabrics when this time of year comes around! Except the Aussie flag is such a complicated thing I wouldn’t know where to start. I will sit back and continue to admire yours!

  2. What a great pattern! Thank you… my son was born on the fifth of July… he’d LOVE it and you make it look so easy. LOVE the Aruba and love that little sweet land of liberty quilt. Happy summer!

  3. So great, Elizabeth! Happy for you that they’re not only fast, but that you could use up so much red, white and blue stash! This would make such a great quilt for Honor Flights. The Villages regularly initiates taking veterans to Washington DC, and every veteran gets to choose a quilt upon their return. I know quite a few quilters involved with this, and they would surely love your pattern. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You’re certainly ready for July with those beauties. I’ve never made a red, white, and blue quilt. Perhaps I should. I gave away some great flag fabric last year to my SIL because it matched what she was working on.

  5. These are beautiful. I’m so sorry that people have taken your photos and your idea and not credited you. I have had the same situation myself and it is very disconcerting.

    I do find the four square one hanging with the stripes up and down and the field of stars to the right difficult to see. According to the US flag code a flag is always hung with the field of blue at the top left whether the stripes are horizontal or vertical. This first caught my eye. I would always hang it so that the field of blue is at the top left, even this wall hanging.
    People who are not familiar with the US flag code or who are not in a position to teach flag etiquette would probably not be offended by it.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs.

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