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Sweet Land of Liberty

SweetLandLiberty_frontSweet Land of Liberty
Quilt #182
28″ squareSweetLandLiberty_upper border

I started this in January, prepping up the stars and beginning the hand-blanket-stitching a couple of days after my rotator cuff surgery.  This was a bright spot during that time, keeping me focused as I moved forward through different steps of what I was calling my “Liberty USA” quilt.SweetLandLiberty_stars

My friend Susan of Patchwork N Play, in Australia, is always hand-quilting her quilts, and I wanted to try that, too.


So I rustled up some patriotic colors of perle cotton from my Oh Christmas Tree quilt, and went to town…well, riding on a pony and all that, because it took some time to do this.


I cut some fabric for the rod pocket this week and on the selvage, I saw this.  Perfect for my title, I thought!SweetLandLiberty_back

It’s up there, stitched onto the rod pocket in the upper right corner.


I listened to Hamilton, the novel, last year and one take-away for me was how imperfect our early Founding Fathers were, but what a magnificent thing they created as they pulled together and figured out our country and its laws.  They had patriotism in its purest form: e pluribus unum, out of many, one (our country’s motto).  I try to keep that ideal in my head every year as I celebrate our Independence Day.

And yes!  I finished the quilt by my self-imposed deadline of July 4th, so that’s great news.

(You’ve seen this photo before…)

This makes three red, white and blue quilts for me.

AQuiltingLife_RWBI’m way behind my friend Sherri, of A Quilting Life, who has over a dozen in this collection. Head over to her blog to get a tour.  I’ve got to get busy to catch up with her!



10 thoughts on “Sweet Land of Liberty

  1. As your label says, a sweet little quilt Elizabeth! One full of hope for the future and with thanks for the past! Sherri’s collection of Blue, Red and White quilts is most impressive!

  2. You know, I do love a good red, white and blue quilt, which this one is, though I have only one in my collection. I never put it out because the colors don’t suit my home. But it’s certain that any quilt that’s patriotic will never go out of style. It’s also great that you managed some hand quilting. Your stitches look beautiful!

  3. Such refreshing thoughts….”out of many; one”. I fear that we, as a nation, have totally reversed that. I remember the day, years ago, when I was TV viewing and was presented with the newest promo for the US Army and how it prompted small alarm bells in my head! The “banner thought” was to join that branch of the military and “Become an Army of ONE”!!!! Really?? Gone was the idea of becoming something greater by joining with others, of like mind, to be a part of something larger than ourselves to accomplish something great. Gone was the thought that we would rally behind what the majority would choose and elevated the desire of the individual to the point of selfish, childish, “Me first” attitudes. The kind that is threatening to tear this grand nation apart and diminish the ideals that were put in place by our Founding Fathers.
    Sorry for thaking this delightful jotting this heavy direction but, thanks to our ever-ready (objective???) media coverage, we are bombarded with unpleasant street happenings.

  4. That turned out so cute, Elizabeth, and will hold memories for you for years to come. The name is perfect and the hand quilting adds so much to it.

  5. I like it. Very gutsy to hand quilt in a contrasting color! I really like the background of the star field too–varying prints all reading cream. I plan to do something like that sometime, but have trouble getting them all a close enough value.

  6. I always love how you label all your quilts. Labels are sorely lacking on most of mine. I can think of only one somewhat red, whitish and blue quilt that I have made. It’s my berry pie quilt which I usually hang during July. Not sure if I’ve ever blogged about it. It uses traditional fruit fabrics and a drunkard’s path block.

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