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Half-Square Triangle Trick

So, I’m pinning along on Pinterest, chasing down Crossed Canoes, checking out boards (it’s the after-lunch slump) and found this tutorial for a new way to make half-square triangles.

The drawback:  all the outside edges are on the bias.  Like the video says, squirt them with some sort of spray starch.

The benefits: about the easiest way to make half-square triangles I’ve even seen.  I found this on, and she included a chart (WhipUp is no longer available):

Now I’m going to go and dig up about a hundred HST (Half Square Triangle) type quilts and make them all tonight, just like I usually do (cough, cough).  I love the one below, found on QuiltBarn’s website (and titled Rainbow Zig-Zag).

I”m making progress on my now-in-its-fourth-incarnation Scrappy Star.  Yes, I am.  Stay tuned.

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