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Red, White & Blue Quilt

On Memorial Day, I put on the earrings I’d purchased in Washington, DC ages and ages ago on the 4th of July.

And we walk over to our main boulevard, about half a mile from our house, flags in hand and cheer on the West Coast Rolling Thunder, a compliment to the Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC on Memorial Day Weekend.  This year they anticpated about 9,000 participants–it lasted about an hour.

We waved and cheered and then I came home and put up my Red, White and Blue Quilt, made some years ago with my Quilt Night group–before we were zombie-fied.

We each made a block.  The requirements were red, white and blue and it had to be some sort of a star.  We were loose on the definitions, as you can see.  I had heard Margaret Miller talk the year before at Camp Watch-a-Patcher in Orange County, and she said you can tilt a quilt more towards one look or another by how you sash it and border it.  Because I wanted to push this more towards the red and whites, I chose this toile and made more tiny triangle points and densely colored red stars to pull it that direction.

One afternoon, I laid a few of the blocks out for my husband on our bedroom floor and asked him what he thought about them.  He pointed to this one and said he didn’t like it very much.  Well. . . that was the one I made–trying to work the theme of American baseball into our red, white and blue quilt.  (You can see the eagle that Lisa fussy cut for our centers on the block to the right.)  I laughed, then made another one.

He liked this flag block a lot better.

I also like this block, made by Susan, titled Peaceful Hours.  She now lives in Idaho, and I think of her every time I see this block.  That’s the beauty of group quilts: when you look at them, they remind you of your friends.  We used to call ourselves The Good Heart Quilters, but now we just call it “Quilt Night.”

I made up this Master List so I could remember everyone and what they’d contributed.  I also did the quilting, lines one inch apart and switching directions when I thought it was a good time to do so.

We also didn’t put size restrictions (that’s evident) and I like the fact that this made for a more free-form arrangement of the blocks.  I have Quilt Pro quilt software, so after the blocks were chosen, I put them into the program and worked them up for this handout.

6 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue Quilt

  1. This is such a great quilt. I have a red and white quilt, all stars, friendship block exchange with eleven other people. So many good memories.

    I really like the star with the baseballs!

    We usually get the rolling thunder coming through here around Father’s Day. They used to use one of the main avenues through Fresno, but it took too long so they have moved it to another part of town.

    I miss having a group of friends to quilt with on a regular basis.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. I love this quilt! I specially like the red and white toile, I would never have thought of that. It shows that the more you read about other quilters’ creativiity, the more it opens your mind. It all looks great with the different stars, I like that too. Now I want to inspire my quilting friends!

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