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Happy Fourth of July Block!

I decided to give my Shine: The Circles Quilt blocks another run, prompted by a backdoor agreement that won’t be mentioned at this point, but when/if it happens, I will be more than happy to splash it all over.

This time, the blocks will coalesce into one pattern, which will soon be available up on my pattern site, PayHip.

I remember my Clothing and Textiles teacher telling me that the inside of a garment is where the real story is. So here is the inside of this circle. Carol showed me her Red, White and Blue stack of Mackinac Island prints from Minick and Simpson, and yes, they arrived at my house probably only a day after they arrived at her house. (Quilt friends can be quite wicked that way.)

They, of course, are last year’s treasure, but I’ve been finding other prints that have been joining the stack growing to the side of my cutting table. And Minick and Simpson do have a companion collection coming out later this year, so we’ll see if I need any more.

I call this first block Swirlygig, but it floats a different direction than the original block.

This was the original Shine quilt. It’s time for a up-do-re-do!

Pattern coming soon. Happy Fourth of July!

This free tiny flag quilt pattern is up under the Tab: Past Endeavors -> Tiny Quilts
This free four-patch flag pattern available here

13 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July Block!

  1. I’ve always loved your original Shine quilt! How wonderful to see you making one I your patriotic colours!

  2. Happy 4th of July! So surreal this year. Funny you should feature a circle design. Love the red, white and blue. Round and round with no end in sight. I am getting dizzy! I think I need a new focus or purpose or escape plan. 🙂

  3. Oh my that is the perfect block for July 4th. Those red stars are the crowning touch. Elizabeth your stitching is fantastic. I love seeing the “business” side of your work. Do you hand piece the individual fans? xo

  4. Red, white, and blue are fabulous colors for those blocks. Can’t wait to see more. Have a happy 4th.

  5. This red, white and blue theme is terrific! And we must have had the same teacher because without fail, I look to the underside first – always the measure of success!!
    Thanks for so much inspiration!

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