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Annularity_May 2018LabeledAnnularity
Quilt #203
Began October 2017 • Completed May 2018


I use Magnifico thread as it has a nice sheen without being shiny, and it lays down a lovely line of stitching.  In the bobbin is So Fine thread (both by Superior Threads).


I made a duplicate of  Annularity II — which was a quilt I designed and made for Paintbrush Studios (which hung at QuiltCon, and most recently, Quilt Market) — because I thought the first version had been lost in the mail en route to the quilter. It hadn’t, and now I had my own top.

Then I decided to quilt my own, trying out different ideas as explained in an earlier post. But thanks to my quilt holder Dave, I can now reveal the fully quilted version to the world, as well as deliver some great news about this quilt.

Recently I’d been talking with Rick and Dot Kimmelman of Pineapple Fabrics about this quilt, hoping they’d want to use it for their booth, as they carry the full line of Painter’s Palette Fabrics. In between Point A and Point B of our discussions, they purchased Keepsake Quilting, which made many of us in the QuiltWorld very happy.  And so, beginning this summer, Keepsake Quilting and Pineapple Fabrics will be the exclusive sellers of my Annularity pattern.   Both Keepsake and Pineapple will also have kits available that include all the fabrics for the top and binding.  (You can check Pineapple Fabrics.com to purchase within the next month, and see Keepsake Quilting’s Fall catalogue, due out the second week of August.  You can bet I’ll put something up on here when I first lay eyes on my quilt in their catalogue!)

Annularity_4Back_fixedThe wild and crazy back.  It’s “prairie house” from the De Leon Design Group, for Alexander Henry Fabrics.  I thought it might disguise any oopsies, but I was happy to note that I actually had very few.  I guess maybe after ten years I’m getting better at the quilting?  Much credit belongs to the Sweet Sixteen machine I use, and the threads, which always seem to balance so well.Annularity_4bBackScrap

After one quilting session, when I turned it over to check the back, I noticed I had quilted in this wedge-shaped scrap onto the back.  I started to try and cut it out, then decided I kind of liked this nod to the process, so left it in.  Really, you can’t see it, when looking at the overall back. (Well, NOW you do, but you didn’t at first, right?)


So, thanks for being my cheering squad, motivating me to finish up my quilt.  And I hope you enjoy making yours!

23 thoughts on “Annularity

  1. This is such a spectacular quilt, Elizabeth! A real tribute to your design skills, and absolutely mad quilting talent! Goodness. Those quilting designs are just perfect. You make me really want a Sweet 16 so I can be just like you. I didn’t know about Pineapple Fabrics and Keepsake Quilting becoming one. It’s sure exciting for you to have been tapped to have your design kitted and sold through them. Congratulations! You’re the bomb. 🙂 (I’m also envying you being on WordPress right now. The difficulties with Blogger/blogspot continue. Seems they are doing NOTHING to rectify the situation, or if they are, they aren’t responding to the hundreds of complaints/comments on their forum discussion.)

  2. Linda said it so well, amd I wholeheartedly agree with all she says! Congratulations on a brilliant finish and may your association with Paintbrush/ Keepsake be a long and fruitful one!

  3. It looks lovely! I hope I get to the point of good quilting. I keep forgetting to change my bobbin case (one is great for piecing, one is great for quilting, go figure). Thankfully my machine quit after only one line of stitching last night. Last time it let me go for 45 minutes! It’s definitely overdue for a visit to the doctor. Hoping to do that next month.

  4. Awesome! If I were you I would not get anything done as I’d just feast my eyes on this for hours on end. The colors and the quilting are just amazing together.

  5. Your quilt is so amazing; the quilting alone is phenomenal and adding that to the gorgeous pattern takes it off the charts. No surprise that any company would want exclusive rights to it. Congrats on your deal with Pineapple Fabrics/Keepsake Quilting. Way to go, girl!!

  6. This is absolutely magnifico!! Your quilting put it over the top. And how cool that your pattern will be available. Which of course I will need to have!

  7. PS. Did you know there is an Instagram hashtag called #husbandsholdingquilts. 🙂

  8. This is just stunning. Your quilting of it is really incredible. I love seeing all of the different designs you selected. It gives it such movement. The colors are also fabulous. I knew KQ was purchased, but did not realize it was by PS. I hope Annularity is a Cover Girl!

  9. Yay! What a fabulous finish. And the news about the pattern, kits and Keepsake quilting is fantastic. I know a famous quilter!!

  10. This quilt just makes my heart sing and is yet another reason I am proud to call you my friend – you and your creations are so special! Cannot wait for the pattern and btw, that little scrap on the back is precious (and so happy it hadn’t curled on itself, right?!).

  11. Fantastic design and quilting! Congratulations on getting that exclusive pattern deal. I love the backing fabric – the serendipitous inclusion of that scrap adds to the piece. I was briefly an architecture major during my staccato steps toward earning a degree and visited a number of structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Lloyd Wright as well as those of others influenced by FLW. The motifs on the fabric brought those memories back.

  12. That is a some seriously fancy quilting, and I am also very impressed with the idea of a kit being available soon.
    I learned a new word! I confess that I had to dash to my dictionary to look up annularity.
    That backing is very clever. The hidden scrap is a gem.

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