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Quilting Annularity–an update

My version of Annularity sat rolled up on my guest bed for ages, until I realized it wasn’t going to get quilted that way.  There are no Quilting Fairies, not that I know of. (Shucks.)

Quilting _Annularity1

Where does quilting begin?  It begins in the tortured anguished cry of “How am I going to quilt this thing?” an endeavor I described in this blog post titled Don’t Let the Process Overtake the Purpose— a terrifying something about careening off a mountain cliff sort of feeling.  Yep.  That’s how it starts…or doesn’t.  But finally, using some advice I’d been given at QuiltCon, I started drawing and drawing (above). It got me through the center.

Quilting _Annularity2

Then the outer ring of colors.  I opened any random artsy book in my house, pulling up the one from an exhibit of Japanese screens from the Smithsonian, which prompted those bold ribbon designs in the upper right, which looked to me like the ribbons at the end of a piñata.





Quilting _Annularity3

But that same book gave me the idea to think of those shapes as fans, and to fill in the design as if someone had opened one of those and was showing me the designs.

Japanese Fan

It became easier to visualize the design that way.

Quilting _Annularity2a

Am I 100% thrilled with this?  No, but I am 100% happy that I’ve figured it out enough to get the quilt quilted, knowing — again — the truth in that old slogan I repeat to myself more than once a day: The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good. (or Done.)

Quilting _Annularity4 thread

I had purchased a number of spools of Superior Thread’s Magnifico, which is my go-to thread for quilting.  It lays down a lovely, slightly thicker, line of thread, but it doesn’t sit on top of the quilt like some thicker threads.  I’m always trying to match the thread well, taking photos of the colors to keep myself on target.

Quilting _Annularity4a threadQuilting1 _Annularity

So I wouldn’t get discouraged over taking this in small bites, I took a photo at the end of each quilting session, threw it into my Snapseed app on my phone and labeled the date and the progress.  Above is the first grouping.

Quilting _Annularity5

It was celebration once I quilted out of the reds into the yellow, which you can see happened last week.Quilting2 _AnnularityQuilting _Annularity6

Here’s where I am now.  I’ve got to take a break for a while (some traveling and family stuff), but look forward to getting back at it.  The dark outer quadrants have already been planned, mostly quilted in black thread, letting them recede away from the rainbow of colors.

12 thoughts on “Quilting Annularity–an update

  1. I always enjoy your posts, Elizabeth. And thanks for providing the link to your blogpost that included a link to the Janet Elkin interview. One question – what machine do you use for quilting? Is it a long arm, or your regular sewing machine? I admire your courage in pursuing your creativity.

  2. It is really coming to life with your stunning quilting. I loved seeing how you auditioned the ideas and you are doing such a beautiful job on it. Enjoy your travels and family time.

  3. What a challenge to quilt that beautiful quilt. Your quilting is stunning. What a treasure this will be!

  4. Your quilting is stunning, Elizabeth! You give so much thoughtfulness to your designs. And care about the process. I admire how you approach and implement your FMQ. I haven’t quilted for weeks, and will soon have two quilts basted and ready to go. Time to start careening down that mountain cliff… ugh.

  5. Beautiful progress! Mapping out a plan gives me a lot of confidence but I’ve still been known to make changes once I get started. Starting can be the hardest part. Safe travels and I look forward to seeing how it finishes for you when you get back.

  6. This was a great post. I love hearing about the process you went through as well as seeing the progress you’re making. Wish more of my quilts would actually get finished. When it comes to the quilting part I stall out.

  7. I like your idea of keeping track of your progress as it is motivating. Also, I need to remind myself that done is better than perfect still waiting to be worked on. I enjoy your posts.

  8. Wow!!! You are a master with both your machine quilting and your design work. It all comes together just beautifully. Congrats on the deal with Keepsake for your pattern. I usually get their catalogues so I’ll be on the watch to see your quilt and say “I know her!”

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