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Spring Mini Quilt-on-a-Frame

ACK!!  It was 93 degrees today!!

Mini Quilt Spring 18_4

My snow-covered Orangeman (or Snowman, made of oranges) has his arms thrown up in amazement/horror.  While Rachel and Carol show snow days on their IG feeds, we are already burning up out here.  My newly planted zucchini and spaghetti squash plants are wilting, and it’s only April.

The origin of this mini quilt (tutorial is here) started when I first moved here, and commuted an hour to the Orange County Quilt Guild.  We had a block swap, and the theme was snowman, and since I was a newbie, I think I got all the rejects.  Except this one…which was my own (I made one for myself).  One snowman block was a zig-zagged stitched pair of stacked circles, with two hot-glue-gunned twigs for the arms, and dots of makeup for the coal and eyes.  Yes, I threw that one away.  But in looking for another project in my Orphan Blocks Box, I found this one, and turned it into a Mini-on-a-Frame quilt.

Mini Quilt Spring 18_1

I bordered it with those fabulous swirls, quilted it and trimmed it up).

Mini Quilt Spring 18_2

Mini Quilt Spring 18_3

I backed it, and slipped it on its stand.  Now I’m up to four of these mini-quilts-on-a-frame.  Given the success of this one, I may turn other orphan blocks into bits of art to be displayed!

tiny nine patches

PS: Swirl fabric is by Valori Wells, “Marks,” design #16354–by Robert Kaufman.  A young mother in church yesterday asked me if I bought fabric for a single project, or if I bought it when I feel like it.  This purchase was obviously the latter.

14 thoughts on “Spring Mini Quilt-on-a-Frame

  1. That’s a very cute snowman. He’d make a good pot holder (Dare I say that?)–his chilly body against the hot pan.

  2. Good thing he didn’t melt. I love this idea and one of these days am going to make some of these minis on a frame. They would make such nice gifts too.

  3. Love the little Snowman and his cute tie! I used this type of frame for a Christmas gift this last year. I’m curious as to how you have it on there. I made my mini with a full back ( like a pillow case) and it slipped over the frame. The one you made doesn’t look like that. I kept trying to turn my kindle so I could see the back, and that didn’t work at all. Lol Thanks

  4. I love that snowman! Maybe your guild mates were unsuccessful with their snowmen Because they had never seen one in person. We are having 1/3 of your temperature here today but finally supposed to get some warm weather for the weekend and the marathon ! XO

  5. Well, orange you clever?! Such a cutie, though, and much nicer than a block with twigs on it. Sheesh. I can see how your fella’s snow is melting away – a perfect representation of your weather. Ninety-three already is pretty hot though. We’ve been in the 80s a few times, but it hasn’t stuck. Now we’re in the upper 60s/low 70s and getting rain. And rain. And more rain and thunder. I swear I slept only three hours last night for all the rumbling and flashes. I hope you see some cooler weather before it permanently turns summer-hot. Otherwise your snowman just might start rotting! :-0 Quick make another mini-on-a-frame!

  6. I love the melting snowman and our weather is much like Flourishing Palms (could it be we’re both in FL??? {smile} I do want to make a few of these small minis as they are perfect for one such as I who lives where there are no big walls for large hangings.

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