Mad for Solids Wrap-up 2018 and Giveaway

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I’m sure you have seen a version of this photo before, as I participated in the Mad for Solids 2018 for Painer’s Palette Solids.  Paintbrush Studios, the people who manufacture this line of solids first contacted me about four years ago, asking me to make them a quilt for Quilt Market.  Paintbrush who? was my first response.  But I jumped in and made them a medallion sort of design.  I was paid for this effort.  But simply being paid doesn’t keep me coming back.  I have also sewn for “free” for them.

Paint Chips Painter's Palette Solids

Why do I keep agreeing to do this?  When they do send me fat quarters/half yards of a variety of colors — whatever they are setting up as their parameters —  it challenges me to design a quilt using just those fabrics, and I use it as a design challenge.  (Of course, if any of you have participated in any of the MQG challenges, you know that even if you get 3 fat quarters for free, you end up buying about more on your own.  Typical, right?)

Paintbrush Studios Colors_chart

When I first was considering designing/sewing for them, I asked, “Is your fabric of a good quality?”  Painter’s Palette was a new line, made with a bit tighter weave and finer threads, and while the first launch had 80 colors, they now have many more than that (latest card is above).  I don’t need 500 colors to be happy; I need enough to make the designs I want to.  My favorite part about this fabric is how it feels in the hand–almost silky, but with a good weight. I also like that if I have to “un-sew,” this fabric will hold up to the repeated picking out and re-stitching.  It also steams into place well, if the block needs to be flat, or seams eased in.  I’m not the only one who is in love with this fabric.

Here are the quilts I’ve made with Painter’s Palette Solids:
Starry Compass Rose
Cinque Terra Tiles
Northern Star (in progress)

Red, White, and Blue Star (free pattern)

Sky Rocket Variant

Guccilicious Block, above, and here too
(Note to self: I need to finish my ideas on this one)
Electra Magnetic

Six Ways to Blue (above)
Rose Window


And this little one, Focus, made for their first booth at QuiltCon 2017 from scraps from the first quilt I made for them.

I make these little pictures on my phone, using the app Snapseed. Easy-peasy.

Thank you all for your votes and support in the Mad for Solids 2018.  I really owe you all a quilt or something, but I decided instead to have a little giveaway of Painter’s Palette fabrics, in the exact colors I used for my Northern Star (which is still in process), so you can try them for yourself.


I ordered these from Pineapple Fabrics, which is where — until I can persuade my local shop to carry them– I purchase my Painter’s Palette Solids.

I have two stacks of 8 fat quarters, which I’ll give away to two people.  I will announce this on Instagram and on my blog, but only comments on my blog will count. (I will ship internationally as well as domestic, for those of you overseas who are wondering about that.) If you are a follower of this blog, leave an extra comment to double your chances (and thank you for reading!).  I’ll let this run for a couple of days, and then draw a winner, who I will notify by email.

To enter the giveaway, please leave me a comment telling me if you’ve ever seen the Northern Lights in the night sky.

Giveaway now closed.  Thank you for entering!

102 thoughts on “Mad for Solids Wrap-up 2018 and Giveaway

  1. I actually was lucky enough to see the northern lights in Alaska when I was 15 years old. They are amazing! Cool fabrics! Have a great day! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  2. Have never seen the northern lights but wish I could one day. Just recently found your blog and do follow you. Thanks

  3. I have not seen the Northern Lights. However if I win, I could make your quilt (you’re writing a pattern for us to buy right?) and then have my husband hold it above me so I can see it in the night sky. Pretty clever eh? hahahaha

  4. I have not. But, I would love too. Seeing the Northern Lights is on my list of things to do.

  5. No northern lights down here on the bottom of the world! Our national airline has started flights to see the southern lights, however. I’d love to be on board one of those.

  6. I’m a blog follower, seeing the Northern lights is possible here and on my bucket list.

  7. I have never seen the Northern lights but it is on my bucket list. My dream is to go to Norway and stay in those “igloo” looking buildings! I

  8. I would love to see the northern lights! However, it will be awhile before I make it to Norway! Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I’ve seen the northern lights several times: I was a month in upper MI and they are more frequent there. I saw them when my dad came home from WWII: he was later than expected and I was pouting (I was very young); however, he got in and took us out to see northern lights. Had he been on time, we’d have slept through it.

  10. I haven’t seen the Northern Lights but I did see the total eclipse last summer.

  11. Love the quilts that you have made and the yummy and vibrant colors. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Loved your “Northern Lights”. I did get to vote this year but experienced a failure one time. Must have been a glitch.
    I have been to Alaska and have seen the lights. I also have family in Maine and when I visit, I just love going out at night to check out the “Billions of bright stars”
    that seem so close I could reach up and pluck one out.
    Just so amazing.
    Thank you for having a GIVEAWAY. I would love to try these fabrics.
    Again, Congratulations on your win!

  13. I have never seen the northern lights bit would love to. Thanks for a chance at winning these fabrics.

  14. The Northern Lights were magical, seen from an airplane, and from land. Your Northern Star quilt is coming along beautifully! I’d love to experience these fabrics.

  15. Hi Elizabeth – I sure did see the Northern Lights… during the planetarium show at Griffith Observatory last week in LA :>) The real ones are on my bucket list. H.

  16. I have not seen the Northern Lights in the sky, only in pictures. Would love to see them someday!

  17. I have only seen a hint of Northern Lights in the Toronto sky. Some day I’ll visit my niece in the Yukon Territories to see the real thing! Love your colours!

  18. I used to be able to see the Northern Lights in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta when I was a young girl. I used to sit on the park swing and be able to see them over the hill in front of me, but since the city grew and more lights were added, I must say I have’t seen them in a long time. Thanks for the draw.

  19. Yes, I have seen the Northern Lights from an airplane. It was absolutely amazing!

  20. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the Northern Lights, but it is on my to-do list. I love your color palette and am happy that you won.

  21. Faithful follower here and it was fun voting! This solids line is one of my absolute fzvorites but not carried locally.

  22. I have never seen the Northern lights but I would love to!! So happy you won and I voted for Northern Lights!!

  23. I have seen the Northern Lights many times starting as a child growing up in Iowa. We didn’t see them often but we did see them from time to time. I lived in northern Minnesota after college. This was at the time of missel silos and ICBMs so when the northern lights looked like rockets shooting across the sky it was unnerving. When I lived in Wisconsin near Chippewa reservations I was told the lights were the old people dancing and that was the way they looked. I’ve seen lights in Alaska was I was babysitting grandchildren and in the Scottish Highlands when we lived near Glasgow. I have a quilt started that I call Northern lights that I hope to finish one day soon. The colors and patterns vary depending on location and weather but they are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing yours.

  24. Yes, I saw the northern lights at our cottage in Quebec. Fantastic. As are the quilts you design and share. (Finally have 9 circles completed for Shine!) Thanks for all your delightful sharing.

  25. No, I have never seen the northern lights, and I am not that far away because they are sometimes visible from northern MN! Maybe someday! Thank for the giveaway, Elizabeth! You are inspiring!

  26. No, unfortunately I have never seen the northern lights. Hopefully, someday I will be where they can be seen. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Oh I wish I have seen the Northern Lights, but alas, I haven’t. It’s on my list of things to do!

  28. We saw them on “Planet Earth” on BBC tonight! Oh, how I would love to see the lights in person!! Bucket list item!!! Pray I live to 108 to get those items checked off!! (Note- the Northern Lights were a big improvement over the wolves and the weasels!!)

  29. I’ve never seen the northern lights in person, but this is something on my bucket list – preferably viewed from Norway or Iceland.Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts. I absolutely love Six Ways to Blue.

  30. I grew up in eastern Canada, and was so very lucky to see the Northern Lights over the snow. I live in Australia now, and would love to see the Southern Aurora to compete the double! Such lovely fabric colours 🙂

  31. All of the Final Four had a lot of turquoise in them, which is my favorite color!
    I have never seen the Northern Lights. My neighbor and her daughter went to Finland to see them a few years ago — I am not sure I am bold enough to brave the cold they talked about! 🙂

  32. Your quilts are lovely. Only once in my life have I seen the Northern Lights…and not as spectacular as I’ve heard they are further north. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.

  33. I grew up in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and my parents home backed onto a field so there was no obstruction of view. We could watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky many nights from our kitchen window. I didn’t realize what a special experience that was until we moved to a large city where the only thing I can see in the sky is the Moon and a few bright stars and planets!

  34. Someday I hope to see the amazing sight, but for now I will enjoy your fabulous reproduction of the colors. I do love their solids and used them in my giraffes. My first feel of them was working on one of your Italian tiles.

  35. Oh, yes, I have seen them and should do so more often, but I’m usually asleep in the middle of the winter nights when they are most visible, and I just can’t drag myself out of my nice warm bed to stand in the frigid nighttime air to watch! Summertime viewing would be perfect, but it’s just too light outside to see the aurora even at 2:00am!

  36. I would just love to see the Northern Lights sometime. Maybe a trip north is in order.

  37. I saw what I was told were the “Northern Lights” when I was much, much younger and lived in upstate NY. I didn’t see the bright colors as noted in your post. I look forward to seeing them at some point in my lifetime.

  38. Hi friend! I saw Northern lights in SOUTH DAKOTA (!) of all places in 2006 on a very cold, wintery night. But then, we saw them in Iceland in 2015–first on a bus that took us out into the countryside, but again later that week along the sea in Rekyavik, where you usually don’t see them well because of the city lights. I will look for them again every chance I get. Such an awesome sight.
    Best wishes!
    (I don’t have to be in the drawing–it’s quite a ways to send fabric. Just wanted to share my story and tell you I love what you did here!)

  39. I follow your blog via email so am leaving a second comment for another chance to win the bundle. I will look for these fabrics at my local shop tomorrow.

  40. I have seen the northern lights in the sky many, many times and they never cease to amaze me. They are the most awesome sight that you can see. Thanks!

  41. I have seen the Northern Lights — rarely from home when I was a child (living about 70 km west of Toronto), and also from a friend’s cottage (farther north, and also farther from the bright lights of Toronto. Thank you!

  42. I love the colors you chose for this challenge and would like to try them. Sadly, I’ve never seen the Northern Lights.

  43. what a nice giveaway! yay count me in for these beautiful solids. I follow you everywhere – thanks for inspiring so many.
    love your six ways to blue 🙂

  44. It was easy to vote for your bundle. It’s gorgeous. And I’ve been to Alaska and Iceland in the Winter, and have missed the lights both times.

  45. I recently received my first Painter’s Palette fabric and everything you said about it is true. So silky.

  46. Yes, in the summer where I live on a clear night you can sometimes see them. It’s not a spectacular light show as we aren’t really north enough for that, but it counts, right?

  47. Watching the Northern Lights was a favorite college activity — up near the CA border in ND, we’d toss a blanket down out in the country, watch the lights and talk for hours, Best light shows ever and always different

  48. Been following you for a long time, discussing all kinds of things with you, too. And been trying to talk you out of a quilt forever, to no avail, so will just have to try to with these FQs. ❤

  49. Seeing the Northern Lights is on my Bucket List! It must be an amazing sight! Love this bundle and thanks for the review of the fabric- my LQSs don’t carry this line and I love to “pet” fabric before I buy if I can.

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