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A Tiny Quilt for Summer

Tiny Sailboat Quilt_front on frameI made this for an exchange at my Guild Night, but then my daughter and her family came into town and I didn’t go, so now I have my own little quilt.Tiny Sailboat Quilt_on frame

It has its own stand, and it’s easy-peasy to make.

Acrylic Frame

First, buy one of these.  They used to be more durable, but this is cheap-cheap-cheap and it works.

Tiny Sailboat Quilt_1

Make yourself a sailboat.  I pieced the sail on the left first before sewing it into the mini-mini-quilt.  Here’s the templates in a PDF file (be sure to set your printer to 100% before printing): Tiny Sailboat  And if you like to foundation paper-piece, here it is again: Tiny Sailboat PaperPiece Pattern

Tiny Sailboat Paper Piece

If you are using the foundation paper-piece, cut the pattern into three pieces, as shown by the red lines, being sure to mark it somehow with seam allowances. (I use a colored pencil and draw it along the line before cutting it apart to remind me it is NOT a cutting line, but a seam line.)


The little sailboat finishes at 6 1/2″ by 8″ which isn’t big enough for the frame.  I added the sunshiney fabric on three sides, seaming a bit of “ocean” fabric on the sides to keep the horizon line.  I also added ocean fabric to the bottom, so now my little boat is afloat.

Tiny Sailboat Quilt_cut to size

Quilt as desired (curvy waves in the ocean, straight lines outlining the sailboat and sails, and stippling in the sunshine), then trim to the above size: 8-3/4″ by 10-1/2.”

Tiny Sailboat Quilt_back

Make the sleeve: Hem one short edge of a piece of fabric cut to 8-3/4″ by 9-1/2″ and place it wrong-sides-down on the back of your mini-mini quilt.  Pin in a couple of places.

Cut strips of binding 1 1/4″ wide, seaming if necessary to get the desired length.  Stitch the binding from the front, right-sides-together, then turn the back, tucking under the raw edge.  Hand-stitch closed.

Tiny Sailboat Quilt_front on frame

Our guild does these a couple of times a year, creating a changeable scene for your home.  I’ve previously hung minis on a wall, but I’m really liking this quilt-on-a-stand idea.

26 thoughts on “A Tiny Quilt for Summer

  1. I love this idea too Elizabeth!!! Aren’t you the clever thing! And lots of these sailboats would make a cute boy quilt too!

  2. So very sweet. Great farbric choices. Where oh where did you find the “sunshiny fabric”??? Please tell me who makes it.

  3. Well, I’m delighted your family arrived and very happy you missed guild if it meant you sharing this piece of genius! Can just imagine this done for seasons and celebrations. Thanks so much for sharing – it really is too cute!

  4. Oh my! Your sunshine background fabric is adorable and perfect for your little sailboat. What a great idea to use the plastic frame as a stand! Thank you for the pattern. 🙂

  5. That really is a sweet little quilt and I LOVE the idea of putting it on a frame like that. I can see that taking off in the quilt community. Your fabric choices are perfect for it and your quilting is perfect too.

  6. Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing both the concept and the sailboat pattern. How fun to be able to change the quilt with the season, or with the event…birthday cupcakes, baby showers, champagne glasses for a bridal shower….the choices are limitless! Love love love it

  7. Oh, this is lovely as well as just so cute. I saw one of the acrylic frames at a thrift shop for just 50 cents. I should have bought it. I will keep an eye out from now on. I could have something in every room! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi love your mini quilt and the idea of the stand. Thanks for the PDF pattern.

    On 21 Jun 2017 12:03 PM, “OccasionalPiece–Quilt!” wrote:

    > Elizabeth E. posted: “I made this for an exchange at my Guild Night, but > then my daughter and her family came into town and I didn’t go, so now I > have my own little quilt. It has it’s own stand, and it’s easy-peasy to > make. First, buy one of these. They used to be more du” >

  9. I have a few of these plastic frames stashed in the basement. What a great idea to use them as mini quilt stands! You are brilliant…and thanks for sharing the pattern too!

  10. Love your mini quilt. The sunshine fabric is gorgeous!
    I’m trying not to be tempted to make it, but it’s so bright and cheerful I’m not sure I can resist though! Tee hee!
    The frame used as a stand is a great idea too!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Barbara x

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