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Rainbow Gardens, redux


Rainbow Gardens (the original) was made for a swap back in 2015, and I always wished I’d kept it for myself.  So this week I did the next, best thing: I made a new one.

RainbowGardens2017_upper corner

I had all but one of the fabrics for this 18″ mini quilt still in my stash, as I pretty much hoard my Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  I tried to quilt it the same, too, using my favorite Magnifico Thread from Superior Threads. But the backing is different, as is the label:


The backing is “pindar paisley” from Alexander Henry, from 2012.  The front of the quilt is all Kaffe Fasset fabrics, some new, some older.


I also updated the pattern, trimming out this and that, and editing it more tightly, and it is up on Craftsy for sale, if you want to replicate this.  And even though it feels strange to say this, I’m going backwards and keeping  the number from the original make: this is quilt #148 of mine.RainbowGardensLiberty

I so rarely duplicate my quilts, that this feels a little odd.  I have plans to remake one more, but that will come later this summer.  After sending off these two quilts to their owners, I wised up and began duplicating everything I swapped from then on.  I rather like my quilts, I guess.  Have you ever swapped a quilt, and then wished you had it back?

I also finished another quilt this week.  Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Rainbow Gardens, redux

  1. I love your Kaffe mini quilt. Yes, it is/was a keeper. Recently, I participated in a global English paper pieced mini quilt swap. I used a Ferris Wheel pattern and some bright, happy fabrics. I loved how it turned out. It was difficult to send it to its new home in Australia. I still have some of the fabrics and now you have inspired me to make Ferry Wheel Part II

  2. I love your Kaffe mini! I have made things for swaps and was very sad to see them go…mainly pouches and cushions! But it’s been a long time since I’ve done a swap. Flick’r used to be where they were all organised, weren’t they?! I should duplicate a House Mini Quilt, with pockets made from Heather Ross and Tula Pink fabrics I gave away!

  3. Love this quilt so can see why you wanted one of your own. And that backing fabric is divine – thanks for sharing the info on it. A few years back I did the round house tree skirt as a commission and then one as a gift and have regretted not making one for myself, but there’s still time, right?!

  4. I remember how beautiful the first one was and this one is just as lovely. I’m glad you redid it. Those Kaffe fabrics are glorious, but I also love your choice of the Alexander Henry fabric for the backing.

    There have been several swap quilts that I wish I still had, but I will be satisfied with the photos of them. Life is too short to remake quilts when there are still so many that I want to make. 😉

  5. Yes! I made a Dresden plate mini once that i really loved. I’ve stopped doing swaps. I seem to end up always wishing i had kept my quilt. And slightly dissspointed in what i received.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Most definitely worth a remake. I’m thinking mine is the other one you want to remake? The beautiful mini you so graciously gifted me has a place of honor in my newly reclaimed guest room. I’ll blog about it one of these days when the wedding is behind me. It’s a full bloom Kaffe room. Very bright and cheery. Maybe you need to come and stay.

  7. Oh, my! What a gorgeous collection of Kaffe fabric all in one mini quilt. I can definitely see why you would want to have one just like you gave away. I don’t have Kaffe fabric but if I did, I know I’d feel that way too.
    I have made mini quilts I gave away that would have pleased me to keep but mainly I have little room for lots of quilts so a photo is a good memory.

  8. Yes, me too! I made a small wool quilt from rescued thrift shop skirts, and donated it to my guild’s annual auction. I missed it so much that I made another for myself. I used four Road to Oklahoma blocks. The first one was named “On the Road Again”, so I called the second one “On the Road Again Again.” The fabrics were slightly different, but the colors were the same: red, blue, tan and gray. I don’t know who owns the original.

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