MCM5 Feather Block

When Suz of PatchworkNPlay said she wanted to do an Anna Maria Horner Feather for her monthly block (I think that link will get you there or just Google it), I started in on some new territory. For one thing, this block is really tall–like 17 1/2″ tall and about 9 1/2″ wide.  On the screen it always looks so dainty.  This is not dainty, but bold and much more interesting than I had thought.

Laying Out Feather Fabrics

Because Suz lives Down Under, as we Americans call it, or OZ, as they like to call Australia, and she sent us her background fabric via air mail, I was desperate not to screw this up.  So I laid out my fabrics in the colors she’d requested, then printed out TWO copies of the pattern and laid it all out, too.

Feather sewn

As per Suz’s advice, I followed *this visual tutorial* to paper piece the feather blades.  What I learned: thinner through the middle works better than thicker.  Work really hard to keep on the angle suggested on the pattern.  And even if you biff on those two things, it will still come out just fine.  Our group has made several:

Feathers Grouped

Mine’s on the top, laying sideways.
Making Signature Block

We each also including a signature block.  I have a template I use because I’ve spelled the name of my blog wrong more than once  (which is why if you want to reach me you can just type in OPQuilt and it will get here).

Blocks all done

Done! for the month of May.  Now I want to make a bunch more!

11 thoughts on “Feather

  1. You’ve done a beautiful job Elizabeth, not just of your feather, but writing about the whole experience! Thank you- you are the best!

  2. very cool! i wish i’d thought of signature blocks for my bee, that’s a lovely idea. and i’m glad im not the only one who has trouble spelling occasional LOL

  3. That is a beautiful feather – good job! I’ve kept the PP pattern, but not gotten to yet – you have provided yet more inspiration!

  4. I love your feather. Especially like the pearl for the stem and how the little dots randomly appear. I just got my fabric in the mail today so won’t have a chance to get to it till after I’m back from Portland.

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