Patriotic Home Sweet Home

Patriotic Home Sweet Home_3

Had a little fun yesterday, prepping up for the class I’m teaching this morning.  Patriotic Home Sweet Home_2

I decided I needed a mini patriotic Home Sweet Home mini quilt to show for a class sample.Patriotic Home Sweet Home_front

Finished it last night.  It has to wait its turn to be quilted, as I’m already working on a bigger quilt right now.  Pattern is up on Craftsy and it will finish at about 18″ square.  Choosing all those fabrics was waaaay harder than I thought, so if you make this, take your time.  The square house in the lower right has fabric from my first pieced quilt, decades and decades and millennia ago.


I unpinned Shine: The Circle Quilt, sandwiched in another layer of (wool) batting, and re-pinned it this morning, and I’m now starting to quilt it, digging into my Summer 2016 Goals.


Just a wee post today, as I’m having fun teaching!

7 thoughts on “Patriotic Home Sweet Home

  1. That is a great block and your fabric choices are perfect. 18″ is a wonderful size for a block of that detail.

    Oh no…unpinning the whole quilt? I hope the quilting goes smoothly. Are you doing it on the new machine?

  2. Millennia ago, huh? No wonder I’m impressed. I thought the Shine quilt had been quilted way back when. Since Pineapples and Crowns is not available to me, do you need an address label for a shipping box soon? How long will it take you to quilt it? You know I love it. It definitely wanted to be sixteen blocks instead of nine!

  3. I’d love to see Home Sweet Home in Christmas, too. That’s my favorite holiday. If you choose fabrics wisely (or don’t care), it could be a winter quilt and use it longer. I personally don’t care. My second husband and I bought a set of dishes (like we needed them) which is a winter theme and I use them any time I want. They are white with more of a teal green than a pine green for the trees and there is red for the birds. Right now, I’m back to using lots of plastic – my adult son moved home with me; soon unexpectedly his 2 1/2 year old daughter followed and he’s trying to make that permanent; and now we have his 10 year old son for the summer. I had donated my “childproof things.” It’s different going from being alone to a house with lots of life. My sewing time is zero at the moment. As soon as my sewing machine comes back from the hospital that is going to change. Thanks for the preview of your class and the pattern is stunning. I always adore your posts.

  4. Elizabeth – Such fun to share the class with you – It was a wonderful project that came home completed!!! A BIG WIN – You have great teaching skills online but also in person – thanks for the fun and see you in August!!
    Jane 🙂

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