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May’s Blocks (and some of June)

Random Number 6

Because my husband is busy this afternoon recovering from our trip (see below), I used an online generator to pick a winner today for the felt, and it’s Elizabeth (what a great name, eh?) who goes by catskillquilter.  Congratulations, Elizabeth!  I’ll be in touch to get that sent out to you.  I have two more giveaways lined up in the next couple of weeks, one courtesy of Uppercase Magazine, and the other from the Steam A Seam people (that one’s on June 13th–in conjunction with our continuing Hallowe’en 1904 QAL).  I’ll have some great news as well about that fabulous pattern.

MCM May 2016_Carla

Here we go, first with quilt blocks from our Mid-Century Modern Bee: Carla of Grace and Favor asked for a modern churn dash block, saying she likes mustard and plum.  Above is my block, but I was tempted by this, from @myquiltdiet:
Sawtooth Churndash

I thought it would be fun to try, but Carla said “Too much work!” I could hear the laugh in her voice, so I smiled and went with tweaking the center bars to give it a bit of a twist.  I hope she likes it.

Spelling Bee May

In our Spelling Bee Quilt Bee, Susan of PatchworknPlay asked for words to make up her saying, which she’ll reveal on her blog.   I first took three words with “w’s” but then Simone had none, so I gave two back, leaving me with the above.


Since NOT staying at home seems to be the thing I do the best lately, we headed out Friday for a mini-reunion with my husband’s family in Zion National Park, about 7 hours away.  You can tell who has been coming there for ages (this makes about trip #20 for me) as we say “heading to Zion’s” as if there’s a possessive element there.  (However, I do feel like it’s “my” park.)  To try and catch up with my patchwork, I took some Chuck Nohara blocks on the road, stitching them in the car and in the park.

We invested in new air mattresses this year, twin blow-up beds, and those of you who have slept on a queen air mattress with another person while it slowly deflates all night long, know exactly why I replaced our aging air mattress.  It also helps that my favorite camp quilt, Hearts in the Pines, is made for a twin.  The pattern is out of print, but you can find the blocks in this previous post.  My husband’s bed later on got a green nine-patch, but he left it off because it was. . .


…pretty dang hot this weekend. Snapshot was from the next day, where it turned out to have a high of 103 degrees F (about 40 C.)Zion16_3

My husband and I, my son and his wife and boys always go out to dinner at Zion Pizza and Noodle Company the first night, as we all love their pizzas, and who wants to cook after setting up camp? I love their scallopy crusts.

We were tasked with getting the S’more supplies.  I cracked up when I saw a whole section just dedicated to this.Zion16_5

We rejoiced to have my husband’s niece (shown here in the Virgin River with the  youngest of her six children) join us.  Several weeks ago she underwent surgery for a brain tumor, and while under anesthesia, had a stroke.  She awoke to a mostly paralyzed left side and has undergone significant physical therapy just to be able to walk with occasional hesitation.  But she’s walking! She’s our own little success story, and she and her husband and family are our very own heroes.Zion16_6 Zion16_7

Throwing rocks in the river was great entertainment for my grandson and the other small cousins. (No, he couldn’t lift that one.)Zion16_9

I left the river early because it was too hot, and went back to camp.  I picked up my Chuck Nohara stitching, sitting quietly in the shade, watching (and chasing away) the squirrels.  All of a sudden I hear a sound directly behind me, and using the reverse camera on my phone, caught this shot.  One of the other little cousins came running over, saying “Bambi’s here! Mom, Bambi’s here!”

Because of the above sitting quietly, I’m all caught up with my Chuck Nohara blocks from April and May:

April 2016 Chuck Nohara May 2016 Chuck NoharaNow to head into June!

12 thoughts on “May’s Blocks (and some of June)

  1. Where did you say you live? I thought it was California but I must be mistaken. You certainly know how to camp and sew at the same time and I know exactly what you mean about queen air mattresses. Can’t say that I’ve ever taken a quilt camping though. Doesn’t it end up smelling all smokey? I went to Zion years ago and it was beautiful. Loved the river and rocky walls. Also really enjoyed Bryce Canyon at the time.

  2. Lovely to see what you’ve been up to. More traveling! Glad you could go to Zion National Park again. I can’t imagine going that often! I think I’m fortunate to have been there twice in my life. It’s certainly beautiful, and your pictures reflect that. I’ll certainly try to remember that pizza place if I ever have another chance to return. Your CN blocks look so nice, and what a good feeling to be ahead of the game. “We’re” looks good too. I think it’s very cool that you’re all creating phrases. I don’t think I’ve seen a finished one yet… have I? Hope you’re staying cooler now. It’s been in the 90s here, but we’re anticipating that Tropical Storm Colin will change things over the next few days.

  3. Yes I also enjoy camping and all that it entails (except the mattress factor)! Is that especially hot for this time of year- barely June?Sounds it! I’m glad you put the øC because I have no idea about Fahrenheit.

  4. Don’t your Chuck blocks look great?! So bright and colourful! And how wonderful that your niece is enjoying good health after what must have been a scary time. Stay cool Elizabeth!

  5. Your Chuck Nohara blocks get better with each one you do. Each one you do makes me smile. Thanks for sharing

  6. Boy….that does not look like any of our camping trips – including the temps. We always worry about the freezing temps at nighttime and we seldom have sweatshirts off during the day. The tent looks so cozy with the beautiful quilt and raised beds.

    Your husband’s niece does sound like a miracle. She is definitely a hero in my books.

    Your blocks all look wonderful – from the bee blocks to the Chuck Nohara blocks. Those are a great takealong project.

  7. What a lovely mini family reunion adventure. Your niece is making a wonderful recovery, all the best for continued success!

    I’ve been tempted to get that Chuck Nohara book and you are adding to the temptation, I adore your blocks! Thanks for more inspiration.

  8. It makes me smile to think you have a “camping quilt.” My camping gear doesn’t hold a candle to that pretty quilt.

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