False Dawn (and a Giveaway!)

False Dawn_front

False Dawn
Pieced and Quilted by Elizabeth Eastmond
#138 of 200 Quilts
41 1/2″ high by 36″ wide

Made for the Modern Quilt Guild Cotton Couture Classics Challenge

Cotton Couture Solids QC
MMillers fabrics

Michael Miller, a manufacturer of fabrics, sent members of the Modern Quilt Guild a packet of fat eighths in pastels, for their challenge this year, and to try their line of solid fabrics.  I know that pastels only makes a dull quilt, with no contrasts, so I reciprocated MMiller’s kind gesture by buying some darker colors in their fabric line.  I had one design all laid out, but then re-read the contest rules and it said it had to be predominantly made from the packet they’d sent.  I decided to obey, but in scanning the IG feed of those quilters who had submitted in this category, I noticed most ignored this rule.  Maybe I should have too?

Beginning False Dawn

This is how it started.  This line of solids is lightweight and would be perfect for making French-sewn dresses, or smocked clothing for children. The weight is more like a batiste than a broadcloth, but it is strong and has a lovely finish and hand.  Since I’m used to working with Kona Cottons, a more mid-weight line of solids, I had some challenges working with the Cotton Couture line.  I found that even though I pressed it and starched it, it was still more prone to wrinkling.  The quilt, however, weighs next to nothing when finished, so it would be a perfect line for a lighter quilt, or those in hot climates.

False Dawn_quilting detail

Because of its lighter weight, it quilts up easily so I had fun layering on thread in narrow zig-zags and loopy-loos.

False Dawn_back

We also had to use Michael Miller fabrics for the back, and I had enough yardage of this Parisian print, choosing a jewel-like print for the binding.  I named it False Dawn, hoping to bring to mind that luminous light before the sun rises.

False Dawn_labelWhile I did enter it into QuiltCon’s Challenge, it was not accepted.  Even though I have no way of knowing what the criteria were, other than “predominant use of the Cotton Couture Pastels” and all Michael Miller fabrics, I’m not that put out.  I followed the only rules available to me, I finished a quilt made with gifted fabric (and purchased some more) so I figure I fulfilled my part of the bargain.

Giveaway Banner

MMiller Solids GiveawaySince it’s my birthday this week, and I think that’s a terrific time for gifts and presents, would you like some of these fabrics?  I know that many quilters love this line, and like I said before, it has a lovely smooth hand.  If you would like my leftovers (about 2 yards in a variety of colors), please leave me a comment below, making sure I have your email address.  Since we are all recovering from Christmas, I must limit it to domestic (USA) readers this time around.  Maybe your New Year can be welcomed in with a new project?  This will close Wednesday night, the 7th of January.  I’ll announce the winner in the next post.

35 thoughts on “False Dawn (and a Giveaway!)

  1. Well, I think you did a great job working with “the rules”! And I AM a Cotton Couture fan, probably since 2012 when our modern guild did a MM challenge – the stuff is like butter and as light as rain. And it’s so nice to see that backing at work; I, too, have yardage, but it’s still looking for the right home. Solids, on the other hand, always have a home with me!!

  2. What lovely fabrics! They would certainly be a treat. 🙂
    Happy birthday when it arrives, my youngest granddaughter has a mid- January birthday and it always seem difficult for her, she never wants to ask for birthday gifts, so soon after Christmas. She is an avid fabric collector, which seems to have started when she was about 3 1/2 yrs old, ( she’s turning 14 this year) when she was little it was nearly impossible to get her out of any store that had fabric without at least a fq. She is always excited to ( pet) fabric. My daughter says I created quite the little monster when that child Had to make her daddy a special quilt when she was 4 ( she even long arm quilted it for him, we tipped a dresser on its side for her to walk/stand on. He was being deployed & she wanted to make sure he didn’t forget her. Anyhow- I know, sometimes I get to rambling….

  3. Happy birthday to you – I celebrated my birthday last week! Beautiful pastels!! I could see this fabric in a few baby quilts and coincidentally I have three friends expecting!!!

  4. I think that your quilt is just the thing needed at this dark point in the winter season! So soft and lovely! I would love to work with these pieces and add the gentle florals I have just waiting in my stash!!! There is something to be said for whisper light quilts (although, with the furnace running and the temps outside in the minus category, I’m not exactly thinking that direction at the moment!!!! LOL!!!!). I certainly question the purpose of an event that does not clearly lay out the guidelines for contestant submissions. Seems to be a bit of that lately…..mostly in the ‘Mod Quilt’ groups….probably ‘cuz they haven’t figured out who they are/what they’re about yet!!!

  5. Hi there and happy birthday anticipations! The quilt turned out so pretty. The blocks seem to float. The colors are like a dawn time-lapse, the pastels are balanced with strong colors, and the binding snaps it all together. No need to enter me in the giveaway; just wanted to say that I liked this.

  6. Happy birthday, Elizabeth. The fabrics sound like they would make great smocked Easter eggs.

    I love the quilting on your quilt. I think you did a great job with the requirements that you were given and it would make a beautiful baby quilt.

    1. I love this quilt–and what a perfect name! I like the quilting and the flow of colors. But what I like best is the one strip of bright orange, so well placed. I will keep it in mind when I look at what was juried in, as I am sure you will too. Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday! Love your “False Dawn” quilt. The colors are such fun. Thanks for the chance to win some of your scraps. I know that I could put them to good use.

  8. Again, you have created a spectacular quilt. And following the rules makes me think it is great. I like how the quilting raises the horizontal rectangles up, or brings them to the foreground. And it would lovely to win your leftovers. Thank you.

  9. I think you did an amazing job of putting this together, with the very strict (and unknown) criteria! I love the variation of colour down the length of the quilt and the steps and stairs effect in the background!

  10. Happy birthday and thanks for sharing this finish. It’s so cute! (Those pastels were tough to work with – I gave up before I really got started, LOL!!)

  11. Your quilt looked so great in my Bloglovin feed I had to click to read more about it.:) Really great pattern.:) Happy Birthday!

  12. I would like to try sewing with more solids this year. I love your quilt and what you did with the gifted fabric. Good to know it is so light weight. Would make a nice summer quilt.

  13. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a lovely day whenever it’s the true bday date. I think the design you came up with for the challenge is really cool. It’s a really nice use of the color range. Who knows why they pick what they do.

  14. I enjoyed the photos and the process you described of figuring out how to use the fabric. I am not familiar with that line, but it looks like something that would be fun to experiment with. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

  15. I like False Dawn! It teases my brain in the best way. It’s almost an optical illusion (or I’m just silly tired). Here’s hoping I squeaked in on the giveaway. whikerybasket (at) gmail…

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