Pineapple Quilt Borders: Progress?

Pineapple Blocks laid out

I laid out all the pineapple blocks on a grey, cloudy, rainy day, but their brightness and color made them fun to work with (Yucky photographs, though.)  I thought about all my bee mates and was sending out Good Karma over the universe, thanking them for their work.

Pineapple Quilt Borders

But how to get a border on this thing?

Come A-Round, full SM

I remembered my other quilt with a bold colorful center, Come A-Round, and decided to mimic that idea.  This quilt, designed by the Piece O-Cake ladies, is one of my favorites.  I remembered that they have terrific border ideas, so after a Google search, found Daisies and Dots, a free pattern, which also had a great idea for a border.

Cutting Wave Border

I sewed the border pieces together in two sections, then overlaid them and cut a wavy line with my rotary cutter, freehand.  I tried to make sure the seams were kind of matched up.

Wave Border

I put RST and matched up those seams and sewed a 1/4″ seam.

Bias Vine on Wavy Quilt Border

I made gallons of 3/8″ bright green bias tubing and pinned it over the seams.

Leaf shapes on Freezer Paper

Now to cut the leaves.  I thought the free pattern looked a little small for what I wanted.  Besides I already had a baggie full of reject leaves from the center of my Colorwheel Blossom quilt, so I started with that leaf, and morphed it down to make five shapes. (I don’t throw away appliqué shapes.  Well, hardly ever!)  I traced that shape onto plastic, cut out and traced the shapes onto freezer paper, doing it in batches.

Laying out leaves2

Applique leaf freezer paper







Then I cut out many colors, using the templates for tracing, and am now ironing the leaves to the freezer paper (shiny side up).


Laying out Leaves in Quilt BorderAnd here’s where I am this morning.  I had to actually do school work all day yesterday, so didn’t get time to work on this.  I am just throwing them up there now for “cluster placement,” and plan to do some fine tuning of color, shape and arrangement later.

Simone Wins

So as you all well know, the Random Number Generator hates me and I hate it.  So I went to a different website and entered in all your names, and hit “Pick a Random Name.”  Which it did.  Simone, I’ll be in touch–you are the winner!  And thank you all for entering and all your lovely comments.  I’m working my way through my email notes and will get them off to you this weekend, after school orientation, syllabus writing and plotting my Course Calendar.  I feel like this quilting community is my real joy and delight in life, in terms of an occupation.  The other one is to get quilt fabric money.

Just kidding.  I love to teach, and this gearing up at the beginning of the semester is a pretty normal thing for us all to be doing.  Hats off to my other teacher-readers out there!


17 thoughts on “Pineapple Quilt Borders: Progress?

  1. See what I miss when I get behind on my computer work. Oh well, I definitely needed the sleep of the last few days. I love your border idea for the pineapples!

  2. Love this border idea. I’ve been struggling with a pineapple quilt that is nearly ready for borders but didn’t like the plan that was given in the class. Thanks for inspiration.

  3. This teacher is enjoying her Summer break sewing and reading blogs at her leisure! I love what you are doing with the border of your pineapple quilt! I would never have thought of that! I love how you go about finding different ways of approaching things! Even your way of choosing a giveaway winner is unique!

  4. Totally delighted to win! Thank you 🙂

    As always, thanks for sharing your many quilting and sewing adventures. They are inspiring, not to mention, I think you must quilt in your sleep since you always having something new you’re working on.

  5. Looking so good Elizabeth. (Although I feel guilty every time I see it because my block got ruined). I love your Come A-Round quilt. Have always liked that design and have thought about doing my own version of it someday. Didn’t know you had made one. Before the time of knowing you. I should dig back into your older posts and learn a few things.

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