False Dawn (and a Giveaway!)

False Dawn_front

False Dawn
Pieced and Quilted by Elizabeth Eastmond
#138 of 200 Quilts
41 1/2″ high by 36″ wide

Made for the Modern Quilt Guild Cotton Couture Classics Challenge

Cotton Couture Solids QC
MMillers fabrics

Michael Miller, a manufacturer of fabrics, sent members of the Modern Quilt Guild a packet of fat eighths in pastels, for their challenge this year, and to try their line of solid fabrics.  I know that pastels only makes a dull quilt, with no contrasts, so I reciprocated MMiller’s kind gesture by buying some darker colors in their fabric line.  I had one design all laid out, but then re-read the contest rules and it said it had to be predominantly made from the packet they’d sent.  I decided to obey, but in scanning the IG feed of those quilters who had submitted in this category, I noticed most ignored this rule.  Maybe I should have too?

Beginning False Dawn

This is how it started.  This line of solids is lightweight and would be perfect for making French-sewn dresses, or smocked clothing for children. The weight is more like a batiste than a broadcloth, but it is strong and has a lovely finish and hand.  Since I’m used to working with Kona Cottons, a more mid-weight line of solids, I had some challenges working with the Cotton Couture line.  I found that even though I pressed it and starched it, it was still more prone to wrinkling.  The quilt, however, weighs next to nothing when finished, so it would be a perfect line for a lighter quilt, or those in hot climates.

False Dawn_quilting detail

Because of its lighter weight, it quilts up easily so I had fun layering on thread in narrow zig-zags and loopy-loos.

False Dawn_back

We also had to use Michael Miller fabrics for the back, and I had enough yardage of this Parisian print, choosing a jewel-like print for the binding.  I named it False Dawn, hoping to bring to mind that luminous light before the sun rises.

False Dawn_labelWhile I did enter it into QuiltCon’s Challenge, it was not accepted.  Even though I have no way of knowing what the criteria were, other than “predominant use of the Cotton Couture Pastels” and all Michael Miller fabrics, I’m not that put out.  I followed the only rules available to me, I finished a quilt made with gifted fabric (and purchased some more) so I figure I fulfilled my part of the bargain.

Giveaway Banner

MMiller Solids GiveawaySince it’s my birthday this week, and I think that’s a terrific time for gifts and presents, would you like some of these fabrics?  I know that many quilters love this line, and like I said before, it has a lovely smooth hand.  If you would like my leftovers (about 2 yards in a variety of colors), please leave me a comment below, making sure I have your email address.  Since we are all recovering from Christmas, I must limit it to domestic (USA) readers this time around.  Maybe your New Year can be welcomed in with a new project?  This will close Wednesday night, the 7th of January.  I’ll announce the winner in the next post.