Summer Giveaway

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So why a giveaway?

Oh, I don’t know–it’s coming down to the end of summer, I picked up a couple of cute things at Long Beach Quilt Show, and why not?

Giveaway packet 1 fall 2013

The top photo shows the little bundle exploded so you can see the fabrics.  I chose turquoise and reds, plus that fabulous record novelty print for the first one.  And for the second, I sometimes think we all need some decent darks in our stash–we all tend to buy light, brights, but to make a quilt really pop, a wider range can help.

Giveaway packet2 fall 2013

Giveaway 2 Fall 2013

And what’s tucked inside?  Two little sewing kits, picked up from Eleanor Burns’ booth at the quilt show, with fun sayings.

To win either packet (you can specify), leave me a comment telling me your favorite achievement this summer–could be a quilt finished, time spent with children or grandchildren, or a good book read.  As per the usual, those who are followers of this blog get their name thrown in twice!


Comments were closed at this post on Sunday evening.  Anything comments after that were appreciated but unable to be entered into the drawing.  Thanks for stopping by!  See this post for winners.

52 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway

  1. After four years, I finally garnered enough courage to use my Bernina 440QE, which I have/had been terrified of using. I did turn on and so I am learning a whole new way of threading, etc. as it is different from my 14 year old ‘faithful’ Janome Memory Craft3000. Next, I must reduce my fright of using its BSR, so I can finish at least one quilt!

  2. I loved what Shirley entered in her contest and I am pretty happy with what I created and won for one of the contest, especially since Judges liked it, wow. p.s. I need some darks, you are so right about buying just light fabrics.

  3. I’m a follower! Learning so many new things…machine quilting, totes, pouches…
    I love the red/aqua bundle!

  4. Thank you for a lovely giveaway!
    So far this summer my favourite achievement is creating and digging a new border in my garden!!

  5. I’m never one to say no to free fabric! Both bundles are great! Thanks for generously giving these away! My main accomplishment this “season” was finishing my knitting! And wearing it too.

  6. I’m a follower too…as well as a true believer in the magic of touquoise and red together. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. What cute fabrics! The records are wonderful. I suppose the best achievement this summer was doing jam and bread with the granddaughters.

  8. Did you meet Eleanor?? I would love to!!! I watched her Quilt in a Day show on teh sky box a few years ago – loved her!! For me, I am working on an EPP project – a HUGE accomplishment for me and I love it!!!

  9. My biggest achievement this summer was that I ran half of a 3.2 km run/walk and cut over 2 minutes on the time for the try before and still didnt get pain in my old injured foot. I follow you with blog lovin. The red ribbon bundle loks lovely. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  10. My accomplishment this summer was that I actually got out into our wooded area and picked the dewberries before all the animals got them!

  11. I am almost finished a quilt for my SIL who turned 50 in June. I’m a little late due to the fact that I am hand quilting but I’m sure that won’t even matter once she sees her quilt!!! She’s not happy about her age but I’m hoping this quilt will make it memorable!!

  12. I am following your blog via Bloglovin’ and I get your emails – thanks for the second chance to win this sweet fabric and the sewing kits!!

  13. i love following your blog – what a great giveaway. greatest achievement: spending time with my grandparents and quilting with them. i will never lose those memories.

  14. Ooh! I came over to visit and you are having a giveaway! How exciting! Thank you! My greatest accomplishment this summer was getting my son….and myself LOL……ready for him to go to college 🙂 I also started riding my bike for exercise and I got a few projects done. Seems like it was a short summer, school starts here next week, but now that I’ve written a few accomplishments down I feel better about it. Thanks for asking 🙂

  15. Hi Elizabeth,
    I love both your choices of fabric stacks and would be happy if I were to win either. My summer accomplishment was to organize all my stash and set up my sewing room. Now I am ready to start quilting!

  16. I love them both and would be thrilled to win either. This summer I have done a lot of sewing for my daughter’s new daughter. I made crib sheets, crib shirt, covers for the changing table pad, and a quilt for the rocker, The big accomplishment was machine quilting the quilt and using Minkee for the back. I’ve always hand quilted and avoided “Slippery Minkee ” but lots of basting is the key and it turned out great. I’m a follower.

  17. I follow you, of course! So I had some of that sewing machine fabric in my shopping cart in etsy, along with a couple of other things. (I’m trying to be good and not purchase fabric, but I sure have a lot of stuff in my cart…) Anyway, when I checked today, the sewing machine fabric is no longer available, at least not from that particular shop. Bummer. I sure hope I win!

  18. What fun fabrics and how good of you to “share”! This has been a good summer – reminded me of summers when I was a child somehow (long and sweet) – and my best accomplishment was recovering all the cushions and making new window treatments for our new-to-us vintage Airstream. That saved a ton of money and turned out great! I’m a devoted follower, too.

  19. Really like the dark fabrics! My summer accomplishment is that I’m getting my Christmas gifts made now instead of waiting to the last minute — mostly pillowcases and quilts.

  20. I would be happy to win either bundle as I can’t remember the last time I won anything! Thanks for the chance to win! I actually accomplished making a king size quilt for my bed!

  21. Either gift would be fantastic! I have knitted 5 pairs of socks for Christmas gifts this summer, 2 more to go. Love your blog.

  22. This summer I’ve worked down on both wool yarn scraps (3 little blankies for family cats!), and my red and blue fabric scraps (a quilt top for the Wounded Warrior Project). I have way too many scraps left! I subscribe to your blog with Feedly – don’t know whether that makes me a “follower”. I missed the Long Beach show; it would be fun to have a souvenir!

  23. Hi, I guess my biggest achievement would be making a quilt start to finish for a blog hop (as in even having to decide what to make) in four days after coming home from a visit with my daughter and her family. .You can see it at my blog morestarsincomanche.blogspot.com

  24. I made my first article of clothing, a blouse! And I just finished my first dress. 🙂

  25. I entered my first-ever quilt show! Not to win, but I was asked to include my quilt, and that felt pretty awesome to me. 🙂

  26. Hi! My BIGGEST accomplishment this summer was painting the outside of my home! I am following your blog, especially since you are piecing Amish with a Twist 2 and are ahead of me and sharing your tips. Thanks!

  27. Thanks for the fun giveaway, and congratulations on your new grandbaby! My biggest accomplishment this summer was spending many many hours playing with my three year old granddaughter. Both bundles look delightful!

  28. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog and I’m really loving exploring your wonderful work. It’s winter here in Australia, so I’ll answer by saying my biggest achievement this season is to pull out a wip I’ve been avoiding for way too long, and get back to quilting it. It’s a quilt I’m making for my mom. It’s never really worked as I hoped, but I’m determined to finish the beast!

  29. My biggest achievement recently has been my series of New Zealand Native Bird paper piece patterns. They’re not all released yet, but I’m really really proud of them!

  30. I won a blue ribbon at our State Fair for a quilted, quilter’s tote. I’m still shocked. Thanks for the giveaway…my preference is for the dark bundle but they are both cute.

  31. Just survived a 3 day weekend with 3 grandchildren – ages 8, 6 and 3. Had a lot of fun, but didn’t have time for any quilting with my granddaughter, so that is to come. She has already designed 5 quilts, starting at age 2 1/2, and I am looking forward to more.

  32. I so wish I could have been at the Long Beach show, but I was spending a month with my 7-year-old granddaughter, and keeping up with her is my great accomplishment of the summer!

  33. I managed to get four projects completed this summer – a little needlebook, a hexie pillow and two zippy pouches. THanks for a lovely giveaway

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