Stacks of Fabric–WIP

I’m still working on my Lollypop Trees.  Now that’s a Work in Progress.

I also have two Bee blocks to think about: Krista’s wonky houses.  I have an idea or two for those, but this is a very cool mosaic that she put together for us.  Now that’s another skill I need to learn.

And this one intrigues me.  It’s a Cloak and Dagger block by Judy Martin.  I found it in someone else’s book, and it’s dated 1983.  I have done major searches on this pattern and have turned up nothing.  That’s the blind spot of the internet.  We assume everything is on here.  It isn’t–just everything from about ten years ago, or maybe even fifteen.  But 1983?  That’s practically the Dark Ages in Web 2.0. But like I said in my last post, the internet did save me ultimately, and I found the book on Amazon.

Still no progress on any of my Cross-X blocks.  Those Lollypop Trees have taken all my time.

Lee, of Freshly Pieced fabrics is taking a long summer break.  Click *here* to return to see others’ works in progress, hosted by Amy from Sukie Don’t You Know Who I Am?

5 thoughts on “Stacks of Fabric–WIP

  1. I love the wonky houses! I really want to do a quilt like that! And the Kaffe fabrics are soooo yummy….can’t wait to see what they turn into….Keep up the great work, Elizabeth!


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