Summer Giveaway

Giveaway Banner

So why a giveaway?

Oh, I don’t know–it’s coming down to the end of summer, I picked up a couple of cute things at Long Beach Quilt Show, and why not?

Giveaway packet 1 fall 2013

The top photo shows the little bundle exploded so you can see the fabrics.  I chose turquoise and reds, plus that fabulous record novelty print for the first one.  And for the second, I sometimes think we all need some decent darks in our stash–we all tend to buy light, brights, but to make a quilt really pop, a wider range can help.

Giveaway packet2 fall 2013

Giveaway 2 Fall 2013

And what’s tucked inside?  Two little sewing kits, picked up from Eleanor Burns’ booth at the quilt show, with fun sayings.

To win either packet (you can specify), leave me a comment telling me your favorite achievement this summer–could be a quilt finished, time spent with children or grandchildren, or a good book read.  As per the usual, those who are followers of this blog get their name thrown in twice!


Comments were closed at this post on Sunday evening.  Anything comments after that were appreciated but unable to be entered into the drawing.  Thanks for stopping by!  See this post for winners.